How to Mix & Match Skin Tones with Colored Pencils

3D Metaballs to Create Organic Shapes

Metaballs is a great method of creating organic shapes. Spheres and elongated spheres are very easy to make in 3D applications. A very complex shape like a nose can be roughed out by making many spheres and arranging them appropriately.

3D is Full of Jargon and Terms

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to make sure that we are speaking the same language. 3D, like any other field, is full of jargon and terms that need to be defined before we can move on to the concepts behind 3D. Most of us have built some sort of real-time model-you know, those plastic airplanes or cars, or models of ecosystems for that junior-high science class. Either way, the point of models is not to really recreate the target object, but rather to create a representation of it.

Some 3d Boolean Caveats

It is easy to see how Boolean subtraction allows for the creation of shapes that would be very difficult to create any other way. Another powerful form of Boolean modeling is Boolean intersection (A*B). This takes two (or more) intersecting shapes and gets rid of all the polygons that are not in direct contact with the polygons of another shape.

Rivera Prints

Diego Rivera is a hugely popular painter from Mexico worthy of study and respect in equal portions. Rivera prints are popular choices for art buyers around the world and this article uncovers the reasons behind that.

A Realistic and Superb Look Into Amazing Persian Miniatures

The quality of Persian miniatures is determined by the artists strength and naturalism, which ultimately establishes the brilliance and value of each piece. There is a definite excitement when it comes to Persian miniature paintings these days.

Rolf Harris Painting Pleases the Queen

Rolf Harris’ artwork has prestigious fans as his “impressionistic” portrait of the Queen received warm praise from the monarch. The television personality painted the Queen back in 2005 and unveiled his portrait of Her Majesty the following year at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is the monarch’s official residence in Scotland. Rolf’s oil portrait was in honour of the Queen’s eightieth birthday and Her Majesty was present for two sittings, which allowed Harris to finish the painting in his studio two months later.

How Technology Has Shaped and Changed Art

GRPAHICS DESIGN is an art. It is a collaborative work between the designer and the clients to prepare graphics or design for particular usage, targeted towards categorized audience.

Designing is a Skill – Use of Digital Art in Web Designing

Digital Art may be defined as a variety of artistic work which involves the usage of Digital Technology. Web Designing is a skill or the art of designing a website on the WORLD WIDE WEB or WWW as it’s popularly known.

British Artist Inspired by Famous Photorealist

Fans of enterprising artist Sarah Graham will be interested to know that her style owes a lot to the photorealist painter Chuck Close. American painter and photographer Close rose to prominence during the late 1960s and early 1970s through his massive-scale portraits and has arguably had a significant influence on the career of Sarah Graham. Close’s technique of working from photographic stills to create paintings that appear to be photographs has been termed as super-realism or hyper-realism and the same can be said about Sarah Graham’s artwork.

Lempicka Prints

Tamara Lempicka prints are an original and highly contemporary choice which suit many modern homes perfectly. This article covers the work of Lempicka and discusses why her prints and paintings have become so popular across the world.

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