How to make a KNEADED ERASER – DIY

Learn how to EASILY turn any solid eraser into a kneaded eraser + tips and tricks. This is my favorite type of eraser and I use it in almost all of my tutorials. Since we’re all in quarantine right now, I know it may not be easy to buy, so I hope this DIY tutorial helps!

– How to make a blending stump:

Notes: I judge how good each eraser is by how well it erases (how many dabs it takes to erase something), how well it holds its shape when I mold it/when I use it to erase something. Erasers ranked as mediocre are still viable, they’re just less effective to work with (eg: it may require more effort to erase with)

– Sakura Latex-Free, Non-PVC Eraser (Quick to knead. Doesn’t require adhesive. Makes a great kneaded eraser.)

– PaperMate PVC-Free Eraser (Quick to knead. Doesn’t need any adhesive. Makes a great kneaded eraser):

– Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser (Quick to knead. Somewhat crumbly. Needs some adhesive or graphite to soften it up. Makes a great kneaded eraser. Will become stiff when it cools back down from the warmth of your fingers, so it requires kneading before use. You can use this to your advantage, though – using it as both a solid eraser and putty eraser. It can hold its shape extremely well for erasing the tiniest areas):

– Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser (Quick to knead. Somewhat crumbly putty. Needs some adhesive to fix crumbliness. Makes a good kneaded eraser):

– Dixon HB Pencil from dollarstore, latex-free (Takes some effort to knead. Not crumbly, but feels drier than all the solid erasers listed above. Works better without adhesive, but it is quite stiff. Makes a good kneaded eraser after you mix it with some graphite):

– Random white eraser from an old pencil case. I probably haven’t used it in like 12 years (It was so stiff that it didn’t even feel like rubber (It still worked anyway. I was able to quickly form it into a putty without any adhesive. Makes a good kneaded eraser)

– Paw Patrol Eraser from dollarstore (Quick to knead. Crumbly putty. Needs some adhesive. Makes a good kneaded eraser)

– PaperMate Pink Pearl Latex/PVC-Free Eraser (Extremely crumbly. Needs a lot of adhesive to become putty. Makes a mediocre kneaded eraser because it requires so much adhesive in order to be a decent putty eraser, that it can be difficult to mold into certain shapes without it sticking to my fingers and it changes shape too easily when I erase – you can observe this at the 4:13 mark. If you don’t need it to erase super fine details, it will do a good job):

– Studio HB Pencil from dollarstore (Results were similar to the Pink Pearl eraser. Makes a mediocre kneaded eraser)

I used this for some comparison shots.
– Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser (My favorite brand. I’m not sponsored by them. A NEW kneaded eraser will need to be broken into by adding some graphite particles and kneading it well to get it to soften up):

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – How to make a kneaded eraser
1:02 – How to make putty out of a CRUMBLY eraser
2:23 – Two methods to fix stiff/slightly crumbly putty
3:38 – Testing newly made kneaded eraser
5:14 – How to make crumbs FASTER

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