How to improve your drawing RIGHT NOW.

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In this video I will share my tip how to improve realistic drawing immediately. I believe most of the improvement of drawing skills comes naturally with practice but there is something that can help you to make your drawing look more realistic right now:) I hope it is helpful! If you like this video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!:)

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TOOLS / DRAWING MATERIALS I use for my realistic drawings:
– sketchbook
– graphite pencils
– eraser
– blending stump

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Your First Art Studio – Finding a Place for Painting

You’re ready to take your art seriously but family and friends may be slow to catch on. It’s up to you to show you mean to make a career of your painting. Haphazard stabs at painting ‘when I feel like it’ or ‘when I have the time’ put you right back in the hobbyist camp. You’d soon give up the attempt at professionalism and those around you would accept it. Making a place where you can paint without interruption is now your top priority…

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Body and face painting has turned into a popular activity amongst the most ubiquitous pastimes for gatherings where children are attending, and in addition to being a useful tool for photographers, craftsmen, and other individuals. One of the most amazing contrasts between them is the reason and when it is carried out. Face painting is customarily done on children, while body painting is carried out on older people.

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