How To Draw Zombie Ironman | What If? (Draw + Color)

Pencil Portraits – 3 Biggest Mistakes

Transform your pencil portraits from amateurish to realistic when you follow the tips to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes most budding artists make. Just pay attention to the details and learn how to execute subtle shading and contouring techniques to make a realistic face.

Art: Buying and Selling Out

The state of appreciating, buying, and selling art is a mockery of what art stands for, individual expression. Art should be bought based on personal reaction, there is no way every millionaire that sees a Picasso has the same reaction.

5 Tips To Draw Faces Realistically

The more you practice a systematic approach to portrait drawing, the more satisfaction you will have as you draw faces realistically. Learn the basic dimensions and placements of facial features and these “secrets” will bring your pencil portraits to life.

A Guide to Become a Competitive Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional who designs and creates various types of graphics to be published via printing or electronic media. A prospective graphic style artist must have an eye for art and creativity in first place.

Edinburgh Graffiti and the Art of Tagging

There has been a lot of tagging in Edinburgh. Sine, Arek, OE, Bignose, NSA, Paperboy, Mate, Yeah… every Edinburgh citizen has seen their names written wherever they go. I don’t think anyone is particularly impressed, but there has to be something more going on than simple vandalism. What are these Edinburgh tags, and who is writing them?

Realistic Thoughts On Diversifying Your Art Investment Portfolio

Do you know the difference between an original print and a limited-edition print? Some would contend that they are one and the same as far as originality goes, but you can certainly purchase a limited-edition print which is not an original work of art. An original print, therefore, is basically created by hand from a stencil or plate that has been hand created by the artist in order to produce the finished result.

Of Wit and Tragedy – Sculptures by Hanna Gerlind Glauner

Hanna Gerlind Glauner’s beautiful objects both amuse and provoke. Her observations possess both beauty and poise in their solidified imagination. Her exhibition in the Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden, Alfaz del Pi should not be missed.

7 Tips For Making Money With Art

Making money with art is not as straightforward as it seems. The strategies and techniques behind the success are just as involved as making the art itself. This article provides seven tips for making money with art.

The Unmistakable Roy Lichtenstein Style

Known popularly as the ‘Master of the Stereotype’, Roy Lichtenstein was a great iconic figure of the American pop art movement. Renowned for his comic style of pop art, this leading American pop artist showed to the world that tongue-in-cheek humour could be brought into a simple comic strip that parodied an idea or expression. Here is more information about him.

Unravel Secrets of Photoshop Masking

Hello graphic editors! Are you ready for some after effects? It’s time to adapt to a brand new way to create stunning pictures. With the right knowledge of handling the latest software, it becomes simpler to unravel secrets of Photoshop Masking. It will certainly give an edge to the career graph and attract more clients.

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