How To Draw Zenitsu | Demon Slayer Sketch Tutorial

Most 3D Applications Have A Reflection Channel

A transparency map can turn an orange into a crystal ball, or change a baseball into a wicker ball. Refraction refers to the way light is bent as it passes through objects. Different objects in nature use different refractive qualities; the refraction as light passes through water is different than as it passes through glass.

What to Buy in Corporate Art

People love to decorate the homes and business, and probably the most common types of paintings to buy are corporate art. This type of art is contemporary art which was produced after World War II. Therefore, present type art is corporate art. This will review what some of the pieces are.

A Look at Art Reproductions

There are many types of art that are incredibly high value. Some are even nearly priceless. Sometimes the value of art cannot be properly assessed as it may grow more valuable with time or for a number of other reasons.

Trying to Get Art For Sale

There are many people who want to purchase pieces to place in their home or business, and there are many places people can buy art for sale. They do not have to be the expensive pieces unless that is what they are looking for.

Photo Collage Party

A great end of summer project for your crafty kids is to have them make a photo collage. You can get them together with their friends and set up all the supplies that they would need and let them at it. They will have a great time and so will you.

Creating Great Photo Collages

Taking pictures is a lot of fun. Even people who don’t really like to have their picture taken will smile and hold a pose for you. A photo is so much more than a snap shot, it is a memory.

Working With A 3D Displacement Map

To create a leaf texture working with a 3D displacement map, carefully draw the areas you really wish to rise or recede off the face of the leaf by using the Paintbrush tool with a high-feathered brush. Once you have traced the areas you wish to displace, the veins, discard the underlying layers so that you have a simple map.

Removing Your Stretched Painting From Gator Board

These simple instructions will allow you to remove your stretched painting from Gator Board and leave your board without any damage. Let this internationally acclaimed watercolor artist and teacher show you how.

Different Types of HD Stock Footage

Thought all HD stock footage was the same? Take another look at the different types that are available online.

Screen Printing Versus Modern Art

Screen printing has come to be incorporated in the art world, also is known as Serigraphy used by many of the best artists. Some of the finest art of the millennium was produced on screen-printing presses.

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