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Realistic Rendering: The World of Created Realities

The world of realistic rendering is very amazing especially for third party observers who know nothing of how the process works. Rendering is simply defined as the process in which an image is generated from a model through the use of computer programs. Similarly, the term of an artist’s rendering is used when a person of the arts creates an image from a chosen model with the use of his or her chosen medium.

How Is 3D Interior Rendering Accomplished?

3D interior rendering allows interior designers to give their clients an idea of what their designs would look like once they are completely realized. In the past, the designer might offer their clients a series of concept paintings to show what the interior of their homes or offices would look like, or provide them with scale models. With computer rendering, however, the client can get a sense of actually walking through the finished interior and seeing details such as the backs of furniture.

3D Animation Walkthrough: Providing an Experience

Any form of 3D animation walkthrough can always entertain many people. Whether it is a walkthrough for a construction project, a simple 3D project for school students, or one that is made for a movie or a game, its is always entertaining to have an experience that is literally not of this world. When one thinks about it, this animation walkthrough has long been in use fro many video games and 3D videos.

Macbook Fashion – Display Your Personality With Decals

This is an article about the rising trend in treating Macbook’s as fashion accessories, above and beyond purely using them as a computer. One such way of displaying such personality is through the use of Decals, a rising trend amongst fashionistas.

7 Things Clients Should Know About Designers

This list is comprised of my experience as a graphic designer. Lately, I’ve been dealing with a range of clients who assume that either all designers are the same or that we’re cyborgs that execute awesome designs constantly. Hopefully this list will help you (the client) have a better relationship with your designer.

Web Design Is Not Always Fine

The most important element of web design is a good visual design. Any web design that is not visually appealing is a big turn off. It is important for a website to look clean and simple.

Capturing Expression and Personality in Animal Portraits

This article is an introduction to capturing expression and personality in your animal portraits. It aims to instruct the reader with some basic skills of drawing animals that produce satisfying results.

Gothic Fonts

Medieval Gothic fonts are very consistent part of modern fonts’ design, as well as of graphic arts’ development. Learn more about their history and role they play in contemporary typography!

Creative (and Inexpensive) Tips for Marketing Your Talent As a Graphic Designer

Effective graphic design is a talent, and one that you have to market in order to attract new customers (or any at all, if you’re new). You know you have a talent that many businesses online could use, if you could just get it in front of your target audience.

The 5 Logo Tips Everyone Should Know

Logo design will impact your business on a long term scale. This is because your logo will be tied to your company and the products you are selling for a long long time. It basically becomes your face and means a lot.

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