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5 Reasons Why Canvas Art Sets Are Good Buys

Canvas art sets are paintings composed of two or more canvas pieces to create a single artwork. Canvas sets are innovative and seem to be gaining popularity all over the world. Although these kinds of paintings are in demand, you can still find affordable 2 to 9 piece art sets.

Beautiful Spring Pictures

What can be more wonderful than seeing nature blossoming? And what better way to immortalize these moments can you find, than taking some beautiful spring pictures? Spring is the season when everything is fresh, when flowers smell best, when the sun shines the sweetest, and the trees look fragile.

How to Draw Fat People: Caricatures That Don’t Hurt

It can be hard to know how to draw heavy people. The first thing I hear when someone sits in front of me for a caricature is usually “Make me skinnier.”

What Is 2011’s Color of the Year?

In this day and age, people love to rank things. From movies and songs to presidents and sports teams, we love to know where everything stands and who’s number one. We’re so obsessed that the day after a college football champion is crowned the experts begin talking about who will win it all the next year. So, what’s next? How about the top color of the year.

Amazing Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a beautiful thing to admire or practice because in the last years, it has been neglected and replaced with supermodels. You can learn a lot about wildlife only by looking at photos. Wildlife photography can be found on the internet or science magazines. You can also find some comments and information about the photos so you can also figure you what exactly you are looking at. You will have no problem in finding some pretty good high resolution ones.

The Art of Selling Art

Purchasing artwork is a very personal process. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that selling artwork is a personal process as well.

Basic Sketching Habits

Sketching is not only fun, there are many benefits of sketching, one of the most important is that through practice you’ll stay loose, it also can be a great images resource for future projects. I have studied Art for over a decade, and very often I find myself developing old and new sketches.

Mural Art in Indianapolis

Some mural art is improvisational and some commissioned and planned. Indianapolis has many murals of both types plus commemorative murals, community art murals, murals with a message, and murals celebrating neighborhoods. This article focuses on murals derived from the advertising art tradition and from the community art movement.

Slide, Film Scanning Tip: Which Side Do You Scan To Make Sure Your Digital Images Aren’t Backwards

In less than a second, I know which side of the slide or negative to scan– so the digital images don’t turn out inside out, and backwards. How? I’ll show you a quick way to determine what is the correct way to place your slide or negative film in your scanner.

How to Learn to Paint With Watercolor While Removing Your Creativity Blocks

Since 1975 I have had a strong desire to paint, first with oils then with pastels and watercolor. For many of these years I,ve been an art teacher, because my heartfelt desires to share with others, like yourself, the joy and gratitude I have when I paint.

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