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Different Methods Of Printmaking

Printmaking might call to mind historical presses, copper plates and a very large man with beefy arms and a long, filthy apron. So it was from around the 12th century up to the mid-1960’s when modern-day resourcefulness introduced the printmaking press from a barn-sized room to a workable space – and today into your house or studio.

Discover More About Printmaking

Printmaking is actually an art that involves the transferring of an image from one surface like an inked plate to another one like a piece of paper, fabric, metal or lumber. The art finds its strength in its aesthetic value and its ability to be replicated, adding greatly to the concept of world cultures.

A Few Distinguished American Printmaking Artists

Dave Bruner is a printmaker residing in Florida. He managed to graduate from Virginia Wesleyan College in 1977 with a B.A. in Art and has been working full-time as being an artist since then. He has received several awards, including Best-In Show, at juried art shows along the East coast.

Offset Vs Digital Printing – Which Is Better?

This is a long lasting debate. The reality though is that each has advantages over the other. Only by understanding them can you make the best of what each printing process can offer you.

A Few Celebrated Printmaking Artists

Carol Odell opted for painting as her means of expression when she was young and went to art institution. Since completing a BFA from the Boston Museum School / Tufts University in 1967, she has made art and design a part of her lifestyle. Right after discovering several media over time, she has chosen oil paint as her preferred medium for its performing qualities as well as richness of color.

Display Easels: An Array of Choices

The word “easel,” although appropriate, does not begin to describe the vast array of display easels available on the market. This is because many people still mistakenly think only of the artist’s easel when they read the word. In reality, any kind of presentation stand falls under the category of “display easels.”

Offset Printing Terms You Should Know

To effectively communicate with an offset printer, there are some terms you should know. Here are five terms that are clearly explained.

Collecting Tintin Memorabilia

Many of us were introduced to Herge’s hero Tintin as children and collecting Tintin memorabilia takes us back to our childhoods. After completing his military service in an infantry regiment, Herge became a cartoonist and photo engraver and later met and married Germaine Kieckens. It wasn’t until Wallez asked him to develop his own comic strip that the idea for Tintin was born. His only brief was to create a young heroic character that would fight for good against evil all over the world.

HB Drawing Charcoal – A Versatile Medium

Drawing charcoal is available in three different types – soft, medium and hard. But the medium version is good to use in many different situations.

Faceting Rough

Finding the right faceting rough to use with your faceting machine is vital to ensure you have a good finished gemstone. This is important as faceting a gemstone takes a few hours so you need to find the piece of rough to make your time worthwhile.

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