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How to Use Different Colors to Paint Realistically

If you are a beginner artist you might be curious as to how to use different colors so that your painting is represented accurately and realistically. Here are a few oil painting tips that can help you achieve the desired effect.

How to Create Symmetry and Balance in Painting

There are no real rules when it comes to creating symmetry and balance in paintings. A lot of it is “your eye and gut instincts.” However there are some things that just look awkward.

Creating a Grayscale, Value Charts, and Value Relativity

Creating a grayscale in painting means that you are creating value charts that determine the relativity of blacks to white in your painting. This type of value relativity goes from black at the weakest intensity to white at the strongest.

How to Create a Hue Circle

It is easy to create your own hue circle as long as you understand how a color wheel works. Basically it involves making your own palette that consists of the colors that you want to use in your work of art.

Inuit Art: How to Keep Your Sculpture Looking Spectacular

Inuit art needs to be maintained to keep looking shiny and beautiful. Learn how to preserve your Inuit carvings.

Motivational Abstract Art Paintings Will Motivate You

One of the things that motivate us to do our very best is military art. The concepts of teamwork, patriotism, courage, leadership and strength form the very bedrock of our nation’s character and if you have a piece of motivational art in your home or office, you most likely will find yourself thinking of these ideals more and more. Perhaps the influence will be subliminal, as you gaze at the artwork and think of what those fine words mean. When you place them into action is when you’ll be most proud of yourself and your nation.

Banksy Prints Critique Society

Guerilla artist Banksy uses his work to criticise corporations for their globalisation of mainstream culture. Tesco, McDonalds and Disney are just some of the many multinationals to have experienced the Banksy treatment by having their logos satirically juxtaposed with an image of poverty or terror. The elusive Bristolian portrays himself as a modern day anti-hero by critiquing the perceived ills of twenty-first century society through graffiti art, books, Banksy prints and now feature-length films.

Wall Art Is The Best Solution For This Autumn

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance and the weather has changed. However, this can also be a very beautiful season with the autumn leaves, cool temperatures, billowing cloudy skies and all in all seem like a pretty romantic setting with the gold’s and browns of them leaves hanging from the trees. Anyway the cooler and colder the weather gets in your town or village, the more time you want to stay in at your comfortable, warm and enjoyable placed called home.

Making Paintings Look Realistic and Believable

In this how-to article are some tips for making painting look realistic and believable. Accomplishing true depictions of reality is not only about realistic painting techniques. Choosing painting themes have a lot to do with whether or not your final piece of art qualifies as a piece of true realism.

Color Theory: Hue, Value and Chroma

If you are a painter it is helpful to know a bit about color theory and the hue, value and chroma of pigments. Color theory is essential in the visual arts when it comes to mixing color.

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