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Custom 3D – The Image Modeling Marketplace

For optimal custom 3D modeling, the best route is definitely to hire project management externally. Although there is such thing a 3D model market, this go to market of three dimensional images is for limited use by professional using Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs.

Custom 3D Imaging Is a Money Saving Investment

If you have a full-time custom 3D artist on staff or even if you have an entire department, consider doing a cost benefit analysis for your true needs. Converting to an all outsourced modeling company can save you money in several different ways.

Wall Art Options Available To You

Wall decoration with artworks such as European tapestries, murals wallpaper, wall lettering, sculpture and the rest is gaining ground in the world today. This noble art started in the ancient era and has continued up till date. Art can be seen in some public places like churches, resort centres, restaurants and even in some classrooms.

Art Movements in the 19th Century

The history of art movements is much like a pendulum. It swings from one extreme to the other, hardly ever stopping in the moderate middle. It is the same with art movements in the 19th century.

Tykylevits – The Absurdist Video Aritst From Finland

The prolific absurdist video artist known online as Tykylevits, creates wonderful video art pieces. Learn more about the fat man from Finland.

Layers Are Everywhere – Just Look Around

One of the single most impactful concepts that I’ve learned is that fact that everything around us exists in layers. Everything has depth and does not exist on a flat plane. Flat art equals boring art. In this article I discuss my discovery and exploration of layers in nature and in art.

How to Compose a Great Portrait From Photos

Learn how to have fun working with a portrait artist to get an incredible work of art that is both beautiful and meaningful by collaborating with your painter to combine photos of different people and places into a brand new composition. Portrait artists can combine photos and create a mock-up so that you know that you and the artist are on the same page — before the painting even begins. Using this process makes having a portrait painted fun because you are a part of the process, and the possibility of being disappointed with the outcome is eliminated!

The Fascination of Art Galleries

Remember those days walking down the city streets just pleading for something to catch your attention? Some places catch your eye like a hook would a fish. For example: art galleries. There is something about art galleries that has a certain fascination on people.

Neighbourhood Dump To Neighbourhood Paradise

Perhaps this is not in the same league as Ian Kiernan’s ‘Clean Up Australia” campaign but the same energies are behind it, the desire to make a difference and leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy. There is a shared hope to see native species thrive and provide habitats that will encourage wildlife. Elizabeth could have ignored the obvious and left the overgrown creek bed in the hope that someone else would take care of it or she could be assertive and take positive and energizing steps to create a better world. The choice was hers and she chose the hard but rewarding path. Her zest for living and her ability to make a difference has cast a long and pleasing shadow for future generations to find relief in the beauty of nature.

The Cloak of Conscience by Anna Chromy

The Cloak of Conscience by Anna Chromy is set to become the 21st century’s most significant public sculpture. On the eve of its release, this article examines the purpose and meaning of this monumental marble sculpture.

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