How To Draw The Delorean From Back To The Future

Art History Timeline – The Renaissance

Renaissance is one of the most fertile periods for cultural development in European history. Art was the most significant developments of this phase and was nurtured through different phases.

Swimsuit Bikini Body Painting Ideas for the Beach

When it comes to finding interesting swimsuit and bikini body painting ideas for the beach, the sky is the limit for how creative you can get. The art of wearing a body paint instead of a real bikini has become a new trend these days, and you are going to discover how you can enjoy this fun idea too. Find out more…

Which Contemporary Artist Is Best to Buy and Most Likely to Increase in Value?

Guidance on what you should consider when buying affordable Contemporary art, to have the best chance of finding a really great investment. Be very wary of all the hype, art critics and so-called experts who claim to know everything. This is what I believe you really need to know before you buy.

What Makes an Artist?

Art is a personal expression that does not rely solely on techniques you have acquired from school or intense study. Creativity is an inante talent that many of us embody but are discouraged one way or another and abandon the pursuit. Someone told us we are not artists and we believed it, I suggest ignoring these sentiments and pursue what is in your heart and create!

Fantasy Art Online, a New Era

The world has some incredibly talented. Unfortunately before the advent of the internet it was extremely difficult to showcase your artwork no matter how wonderful it was. Nowadays however almost anybody is put together an online art gallery and showcase it to the world. One of the more popular forms of artwork that has grown up with internet is Fantasy Art. Let’s take a little look at what it is.

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