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Fluidism Art – From Traditional To Transcendental Action Painting

The word, “fluidism”, can be used to label a distinctive category of fine art painting where both the substrate and the subject are the same. “Substrate” means the actual material from which a painting is constructed (i.e., the paint).

Painting Portraits – Choosing the Painting Surface

The first step in portrait painting is choosing what surface you will paint your picture on. There are several painting surfaces on the market today. If you are painting a watercolor picture for example, there are several varieties of thicknesses or weights of watercolor paper to choose from. There are several types of painting surfaces for the acrylic and oil artists as well.

How to Paint People – The Easy Way

If you have ever struggled with learning how to paint people, then try these tips and techniques. Let’s keep painting people fun.

Painting a Beach Scene – Some Very Helpful Tips

Painting a beach scene is a favorite among artists. It’s no wonder since being at the beach brings joy to so many people.

Techniques on Painting and Painting Tips

The following techniques on painting should help you to create beautiful artwork. I suggest that you practice on something other than your final painting. A pad of canvas paper works great for practice space.

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