Texas Artists and Art Movements

When Texas wildcatter, Edgar Byram Davis struck oil near Luling, Texas, everyone benefited. After making profits on his discovery, he used his funds to improve Texas. Davis celebrated by hosting a huge free barbecue. He invited friends, employees and associates in Luling, Texas. He shared his profits by contributing to charitable organizations, purchased golf courses for Luling, improved hospitals and supported the arts.

Six Steps to Complete a Realistic Painting

If you paint in a realistic style, you probably muse over it for days, weeks, and sometimes even longer. However, you know that if you can imagine it, you can paint it. So, the secret is how do you get it from inside your mind and onto the canvas and make it as realistic as imagined. In Six Steps to Complete a Realistic Painting you will learn how the master artist of the past painted so magnificently.

David Hockney – West Yorkshire To The Wolds

David Hockney has always been fascinated by landscapes and the effect that light and the changing seasons have on them. Now 74, he has drawn inspiration from a landscape that has been very dear to his heart since childhood, The Yorkshire Wolds.

How to Buy Fine Art Online

Picture yourself as an art buyer who has never purchased art online before. How do you buy fine art online? Is there something special you need to do, or do you just dive right in and hope for the best?

Three Important Tips for Using a Camera for Your Paintings or Drawings

in the hands of a competent artist, the camera can be an important advantage. However, many artists using photographs for reference material need to be aware of some of the disappointments that comes with placing too much emphasis on them. This article gives three important tips when using a camera for your paintings or drawings.

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