#FixMyDrawing Series: Ep 2

Do you struggle to draw matching eyes? Learn how to draw a pair of symmetrical eyes in this step by step tutorial. Learn how to fix your drawing by using measuring techniques and how to prevent drawing asymmetrically in the future.

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– How to draw a pair of eyes:
– How to draw closed eyes:
– How to draw a realistic eye:
– How to draw an eye form the side:

– 3B Derwent Graphic Pencil:
– Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser:
– SmudgeGuard Glove:

00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Pencil Method
03:33 – Ruler Method
03:54 – Paper Method
04:13 – How to fix your drawing (step by step)
10:03 – How to prevent this drawing problem
10:52 – My challenge to you

Overhead Camera and Lens (Sony A6500):
Video Capture Card:
Overhead Camera Crane:
Camera and lens for Macro Closeups from the side (Sony a 5000):


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