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Chase The Blues Away With A Funny T-Shirt

Have you ever had one of those blue days to where nothing was going right? I think that at some point almost all of us have had those days and it just seems to go on and on. Let’s just say that you decided to go on a walk and when you wear out something caught your eyes that you didn’t expect and it made you laugh so hard that your blues disappeared. What you saw was a funny t-shirt that brightened up your day.

What Is a Logo Design Worth?

If money was no concern, and you were to ask 10 graphic design / advertising design agencies to work on a new logo design, all 10 designs will come back looking different, but does it mean the most expensive one will produce the best outcome? If I was to buy a Hi-Fi CD player model X9000, I would definitely hunt around to find the cheapest deal, and sometimes I am happy to pay a bit more for a reputable dealer. In the end of the day, the product/commodity is the same, doesn’t matter where I buy it from, but I…

The Different Types of Jeweler’s Pliers: Basic to Specialty Pliers

Jewelry-making is indeed simple especially with the help of these tools that makes it faster to create jewelries of your choice. Jewelry-making requires many tools to create a beautiful piece, whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet or earrings, they need tools to hold on to those small metals or gemstones.

Why Canvas Art Is So Popular

Why has canvas art gained in popularity over the past few years? Because of the advancements in technology all the way around. Canvas art has seen a vast increase in popularity over the past few years which has seen an improvement in the quality of canvas art which can now be found online therefore doing away with unreasonable gallery prices.

Celebrities and Contemporary Art

The concept of contemporary art basically means art that’s relatively new. In this case, most art collectors consider the period from the 1960’s until now to be contemporary art, which would include people like Andy Warhol, Mark Titchner and Tim Hawkinson, but some will include earlier pieces from the 1930’s through the present as well. Usually newer art doesn’t get as much attention as what came centuries earlier, but these days not only is it getting great attention, it’s worth a lot.

The Church of Overschie by Johan Barthold Jongkind

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago is the painting “The Church of Overschie” by Johan Barthold Jongkind, the Dutch Impressionist painter. In this scene we see the spire of Church Overschie right in the middle of the painting holding a firm grip as center stage of this grand performance of maritime life on canvas.

Tips for Drawing Yourself As a Cartoon Character

What could be more fun than making fun of yourself by drawing a cartoon? You could pay a professional to do it, but with a little practice, you could come up with a version on your own. Here are some tips for drawing yourself as a cartoon character.

A Trip to the Museum

Parents and educators may be surprised by how interested a child will be with the art that’s showcased in a museum. Even if the section of classical art may not be that interesting a child may think the modern art is amazing. It’s important to adopt an attitude of exposure while not force feeding information that’s not interesting to a child. Becoming irritated if a kid is not impressed by art that is considered to be a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa is counterproductive. True appreciation comes in time and the only way to foster appreciation is through exposure. Ask children questions about the artwork, what colors they see or questions about the objects or people in the picture. Going to the museum is a fantastic way to create a dialog about art.

The Grand Canal by Francesco Guardi

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago hangs “The Grand Canal” by Francesco Guardi. This painting is a lovely landscape of the churches and buildings around the Grand Canal in Venice.

Pardon in Brittany by Gaston La Touche

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago is a wonderful painting titled “Pardon in Brittany” by Gaston La Touche. This painting is lovely in every regard, the figures are gentle and gracefully illuminated by candle-light.

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