How To Draw Spiderman 🕷️ Tom Holland Sketch Tutorial (Step by Step)

Tiv Traditional Art: “Itimbe-Gbenda” and Its Dying Essence

Centuries ago when traditional art was being practiced at its peak, art was considered as a prime source of life to the cultural practices of the people in the community/society. In a traditional Tiv society, for instance, every family house or grown-up person (adult) used to have Itimbe-gbenda strategically installed at the entrance way to the compound. Itimbe-gbenda is an artistically carved object in human form with traditional motifs on the surface.

Making Money in Graphic Design

Graphic design has become a profitable skill that you can market offline or online. In fact, in businesses and in advertising, graphics art and designing can be a profitable skill. Even online, you can also make money in graphic arts and design as websites need graphics to make it more appealing and sellable.

After Effects CS5 – Modifying Layers

After Effects provides several tools for modifying layers. Stacking, sliding, and trimming layers are among the fundamental tools for blending your different project resources using the layer structure. These tools are easy to use but even within the layers groups there are several options and tools to get more from your resources and more from your project.

The Need for New Cultural Researches in Africa

The only way to improve real Knowledge of a particular thing, event or situation in any given society is through researches. This means that research is the basis for any new discovery which helps in sustaining learnership in any given system. In business, companies rely on researches to improve their products just to have a better advantage on firms producing substitute’s products.

Different Aspects of Viewing Designs in Interior Decoration

The art of decoration involves making designs using motifs or colours on surfaces as well as efficient handling of the design components in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Interior decoration is therefore an aspect of decoration that deals with the total arrangement of things in an apartment (home or office) in order to bring out the interior beauty of a place. This mostly has to do with the interplay of colours to achieve a unique internal appearance of a home or an office.

The Difference Between an Artist and a Mere Decorator

The word ‘decoration’ has an equivalent meaning with other words like embellishment, beautification, adornment, ornamentation etc. All these words point to the art of aesthetics. The term aesthetics is often used to mean the study of beauty especially the ‘outward appearance’ of an object or the way something looks when considered in terms of how pleasing it looks.

The Growth of Unconventional Art in Today’s World

Through my study of art, I come to discover that, some artists are as controversial as the art they sometimes create. No artist would ordinarily like his or her art to be silent. While others (artists) produce thought provoking art pieces to open up a hidden secret about bad practices being carried out in the society, some artists would just make a creative humor of a painful situation of an issue troubling people in the mind.

Art Enrollment in Nigerian Tertiary Schools

The history of modern art in Nigeria started around 1920s. During this period, most parents abhor their children to study art courses in the higher institutions. The ones that dare to do otherwise as insisted by their parents may face certain sanctions that are not conducing for their age and future as well.

Artists in Kaduna Re-Affairms Commitment to Revive SNA in The State

There is a popular saying that “the journey of two thousand miles starts with just a step.” However, the slowness or fastness of the journey depends on the pace at which a person is moving. This is exactly the case with the Kaduna state Society of Nigerian Artists’ (SNA) Interim body set to revive SNA in Kaduna.

After Effects CS5 – Learning Layers

Learning layers in After Effects CS5 is a fundamental to ‘putting things together’. Part of the magic of animation and graphics software applications is the fact that you can blend different resources together. Your sources can cross media boundaries with snapshot from your camera, graphic images from Illustrator and video from your camcorder. There are some basic rules to how layers behave and how your can learn more to get the most out of your After Effects layers.

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