How To Draw Shadow Midas | Fortnite Season 8 (Draw & Color)

Fluid Universe – The Fundamental Flowing Nature Of Physical Reality

Reality is an ocean, not a bag of marbles. No boundary of any real form is so set that it cannot deform and flow in the sea of eternity.

Visual Art Criticism: Problems of Critiquing Untitled Art Works

Art criticism involves analyzing works of art inline with their structures, meanings, and problems; comparing them with other works, and evaluating the works using the characteristics, theories or other valuable information for proper understanding their relevance to the society. As an art historian I have confronted several issues in trying to speak judgmentally on certain art works produced by contemporary Nigerian artists. For example, an art work without a title offers the art critic an elusive stand point not only to begin his/her judgment but also for establishing some essential points that will help the public (audience) in understanding the…

Scapes and Forms: Zaria Art School, Sustaining the Rudiments in Contemporary Art Practice

In this year 2011, January 22 would probably remain a unique day, not for any other reason but for the fact that, it ushers an event that has historical connotation to Nigerian artists based in Zaria. On that Saturday morning around 10:00 am, amidst the harmattan weather with its penetrating cold wind which has little or no respect for people wearing light denims, a teeming number of artists were brought together to partake in an art workshop titled: Scapes and Forms. The workshop pulled artists from their studios into an open environment where creative talents/endeavors were artistically harnessed in…

Bieres De La Meuse

Bieres de la Meuse is an extraordinary Alphonse Mucha print which included his typical illustrative skills combined with excellent colour choices and pretty portraits of glamorous women from a classic period. This classic style has become massively popular in recent years and that has helped the reputation of Alphonse Mucha to rise enormously from an already high position. Czech art had never had an artist on this scale before, nor has it since, and Bieres de la Meuse is a great example of how Mucha helped to setup the Art Nouveau movement which spread right across Europe…

An Introduction to Vinyl Banners and PVC Banners

A company or business that is setting up the trade show or exhibition booth should consider using vinyl PVC banners. Vinyl PVC banners are long lasting, attractive and quite reasonably priced. Following is something that make vinyl PVC banners stand out from other ones.

What Are Painting Classes Meant For

Art provides for us all an opportunity to express ourselves. Using that expression, we connect by using our own unique feelings, ideas as well as experiences.

Various Kinds Of Painting Classes

Painting classes are samples of an inspirational art gathering. Both the old and young who happen to be inclined to the arts can certainly join these kinds of classes and become a lot more empowered.

Read More About Collage Prints and Canvas Collages

Collages have been around since time immemorial but over the years the difference which has seeped in while making them is that contemporary collages are printed as compared to their hand made versions of the yesteryear. Collage print is an accepted norm today owing to its numerous advantages, the foremost being the long lasting nature and lack of maintenance in case of printed collages. Collage print has been made possible through the introduction of collage printing software packages which have been created bearing in mind the intricacies pertaining to this task.

Night by Alphonse Mucha

Night was one of the groundbreaking paintings from the Art Nouveau movement which was developed by it’s creator, Czech painter Alphonse Mucha who encouraged others to engage in this new movement which concentrated on illustration, accurate portrait painting and stylish finishes with beautiful flourishes in every painting. Night is a difficult painting to see in person but fortunately is available as framed art print from many places online, which is an excellent alternative.

Evening by Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha is one of the most famous artists for producing series of works during his career, most notably covering seasons and times of the day. Evening was clearly a painting from the latter, and uses key characteristics from this artist of precise illustration which were honed in his early years as a professional illustrator before becoming a groundbreaking artist.

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