How To Draw Reindeer | Christmas Sketch Tutorial

The Painting and Its Purpose

The purpose of art is washing off the dust of our daily life. Art can mesmerize us and bring us to new reality or to new world where we would be able to enjoy all the pleasant things around us.

Modern Artist Paul Klee – History and Works in History of Art

Klee has been acknowledged with various forms of art such as Abstract art, Cubism, Expressionism art, Surrealism, Futurism but most of the times his art paintings, art prints and art posters are not easy to classify. He invented new art trends in his own way while he worked in complete isolation from his colleagues to do something different.

Artwork for Beginners: Buying It, Framing It, and Displaying It

To many people, nothing is more daunting than the sight of a big, blank wall. It is a place that offers endless possibilities for the designer or the home owner.

Cinema 4D – Primitives, Disconnect and Split

We introduced ourselves to the ‘disconnect’ command in our last exercise. There is a very similar but distinctly different command that we need to have in our toolbox called split.

Canvas Photos – Great Tool for Photographers

One of the biggest challenges for photographers requiring large prints for sales, auctions, exhibition, or any other such purpose is to get prints of their photos enlarged without having to compromise on the clarity or detaining of the image. Conventional printing methods often fail to deliver the output photographers expect.

The Art of Picture Hanging

So, you have found the pictures that you want to reflect the ambiance of your home or office. Now you are ready to hang your art. While hanging your art may seem simple, you want to display it in the best way. Because every room and wall in your home or office is different, there are no hard and fast rules. However, by applying the following guidelines, you can achieve the best positioning and reduce the number of nail holes in your walls.

How to Draw Anatomy – The Evolution of a Process

Having in mind that in the overall study of drawing are hundreds of ways to develop it and thousands of issues to learn there is a goal for any liable artist, which is the drawing of the anatomy and the human figure compared. Besides compared anatomy gives the artist a proper knowledge that develops another abilities like the architectural drawing, industrial design, conceptual art, and the capacity of understand the technical and organic drawing. Another advantage of this study is to grasp the overall idea of the structure and the movement having in mind…

What Were Some Original Art Materials?

The article paints a vivid picture by describing some ancient art material that could have been used to create art and how the art work was displayed. In the end it mentions how blessed we are to have lived in current times where art materials are so easily available.

Famous Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, simply known as “the Met”, is an event not to be missed by culture and fine art aficionados. The permanent collection at the Met is enormous and holds over 2 million artworks and objects, broken down in 19 categorical departments. Even for the art lover, an initial visit to the Met can be overwhelming with the museum grounds covering over 2 million square feet and extending over a quarter mile. One could spent an unspeakable number of months here viewing all of the different displays, antiquities, paintings, and other art form here. If you’re like most folks, you’ll want to view the museum highlights. Here are five to get you started:

Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau is a famous French photographer whose black and white prints are very popular with art buyers in France and across the rest of the world. This article discusses the career and photographs of Robert Doisneau and looks into why he became so popular.

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