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Removing Sticker Adhesive Glue From Car or Anything Else, PLUS, How to Get Decals Stick on Phones

Question: I purchased a “new” car from a local auto dealer who had put a reflective vinyl dealer decal on the rear of the vehicle. I don’t like stickers on my car, so I carefully peeled it off, but it left a ton of glue on the paint. What can I use to get the glue off… it is really a tough glue, and I obviously don’t want to damage the paint on my new car. Answer: This is one of the most common complaints we receive when it comes to adhesive stickers, and one I’ve written about in the past, but it deserves another visit because it happens frequently and can be an annoyance. The good news is that it is not difficult to fix, and your paint will be in good shape when you’re done.

Appliqued Banners and Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners – Old and New – Part 1

Making appliqued fabric banners would be the most authentic way to accomplish this, but it will depend entirely on your budget. Appliqued cloth banners are an art form and require some sewing skills akin to quilting, although possibly a bit more complex than quilting. The word “applique” comes from the French word appliquer, which simply means to “put on” or “apply.” Essentially, you cut out your lettering and/or designs and apply them, typically with either a fabric adhesive or by sewing, to the main cloth substrate or banner.

Appliqued Banners and Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners – Old and New – Part 3

I’ll finish up the history on this installment here in part three and answer the original question tomorrow. In this section, I’ll discuss the modernization of appliqued cloth fabric banners and other uses of appliqued cloth.

Appliqued Banners and Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners – Old and New – Part 2

Originally, because it was the art genre of royalty, most of the older examples of appliqued cloth banners depict various military campaigns of the king and his assumed name or likeness. An assumed name was one he took upon ascension to the throne, one that typically would reflect how he got there or a god by which he attributed his success or even an animal, such as a lion, that he compared himself to.

Quality Photo Reproductions on Fabric Via Dye Sublimation Printing, and Making a Sport Fabric Banner

The only limit to printing on fabric is your imagination. Dye sublimation printing on fabrics is not only available, it is the best way to reproduce your pictures due to the dye sublimation printing process itself. In dye sub printing, first the dye, which is similar to inkjet printing, but uses a CMYO process (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Overprint Clear) rather than the standard 4-color process CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black), is printed to a dye sublimation transfer paper, a paper that is treated to accept CMYO dyes.

Art Media: The Ballpoint Pen

Dye or ink has been a favored art medium since ancient times. The evolution of the medium itself has been the very conduit for the birth of new genres-including Ballpoint Pen Artistry.

Fabric Banners, Tapestries, Quilts, and Other Definitions of Printed Cloth Fabrics

Question: I can’t think of the term that you call a large piece of fabric with a design or designs on it. Can you help me out? Answer: I’ll give it a try. There are a lot of options here we can talk about, with a lot of ways to put designs on a large piece of fabric, or we can make a large piece of fabric using lots of pieces to make a design. Off the top of my head, the first thing that comes to mind is a quilt, which is usually a lot of little pieces of fabric sewn into one large tapestry, then most often a batting of something fluffy like a fleecy polyester or the like is placed between the decorative piece of material and another large single sheet of fabric to create a decorative quilt which can be used on a bed or hung on a wall or anything else one deems an appropriate place to hang such an item.

Three Popular Fonts for Logo Design

There are certainly many font choices to consider when designing a logo, but these three are used with consistent success professionally. I want to highlight some examples and suggest you consider using these to give your business a more mainstream look.

Methods Used To Create Decorative Art Glass

A creative way to add some flare to a room’s interior design is with decorative art glass. From photographic to printed glass, there are many options when considering what variation to choose from this style of art. Use the following as a guide.

How to Start a Career in Fashion Illustrations?

Fashion design sketches and illustrations are among the cores of today’s fashion world. These simple sketches can be the next big thing on the runway. Aside from that, a designer who can create great fashion illustrations and transform these sketches to amazing clothing pieces will probably be next in line to Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, and the others.

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