How To Draw Rancor | Star Wars Sketch Tutorial

Marketing Ideas For Artists, Part Two – 8 Tips on How to Use the Internet to Get Your Art Noticed

Start a blog. This must be one of the top ways advocated for artists or any business for that matter to reappear in peoples inboxes without actually “selling” them something.

3D Applications and Virtual Camera

Top, front, left, right, back, bottom, and isometric (a kind of angled bird’s eye view) are all different angles from which a model can be viewed. Since there are lines converging, objects appear the same size whether they are close or far away. The advantages of this sort of viewpoint include the ease in which you can align objects. However, one orthographic view by itself is fairly useless because you cannot tell depth.

Fun With Caricature Studios

Caricatures are portraits of exaggerated features of a person or a thing. While some people have learnt the art to manipulate these features into caricatures with the help of photo-editing software, it is not an easy thing to do for the not so computer-savvy. There are too many technical terms to understand and how one thing affects another with photo-editing software.

Hand Painted Reproductions – Safeguarding Priceless Chattels of Time

The endogenous of a house embellished with wall hangings of famous painters not only multiplies the elegance of your home, but it also enhances the ardent value of the owner. It is shown that the land lord has simply not constructed a house, but he has given full justification to his home.

Making the Best Out of Wedding Caricature

Wedding caricatures are a fun form of keepsakes. Find out how you can make the best out of it.

Building a 3D Nurbs-Based Human Form

NURBS (Non Uniform Racional B-Splines) are extremely powerful and flexible when it comes to creating organic forms. This tutorial will use NURBS in their most basic form to create a human torso.

Cage Modeling a 3D Nose

This is a brief tutorial on how to create a nose shape using subdivision techniques of cage modeling. We will create the entire nose based on one simple cube from which we will extrude or pull away all the flat facets to create a blocky nose.

Modeling a Temple With 3D Primitives

Let’s truly explore the power of primitives by modeling an entire temple using primitive functions. To begin, let’s create a column that will be used to create the rest of the temple.

Advanced 3D Modeling Techniques

Well, all right, perhaps these are not really “advanced” as much as they are just different. However, although these tools are probably less used than the basic ones, they are just as powerful when used in the right situation.

3D is Really Hot These Days

3D is hot. It is hard to find any form of entertainment today without some form of digital art incorporated. The number of professional 3D production and digital art teaching jobs is staggering. The technology moves so fast that without one eye fixed on the emerging trends, a 3D artist quickly finds his equipment obsolete

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