The Good Things About Becoming a Children Illustrator

Becoming a children illustrator, or a children’s book illustrator for many, is probably one of the most heartwarming jobs that you could ever have. Being an artist is one, but inspiring and molding the minds of children and kids all over the world is a whole new level in creativity.

The Art of Skateboards and Screen Printing

Art is a visual phenom, which is personal and individualistic. Choosing artwork to be printed is a daunting task, and can leave you struggling to find your brands identity. In this article, I will provide some tips to help you in deciding what kind of artwork you want to use, and how to utilize it to transfer to a shirt, skateboards, or anything else.

What Are Post Production Services?

In film, photography, and business videos, post-production includes all the tasks that will be completed after the shooting of the film is complete. This includes cutting, editing, if needed, working with action and sound, and dubbing.

Difference Between Voice-Over and Off Screen in Subtitling

Many businesses utilize subtitling services in their corporate videos. Some managers look for price comparisons between off-screen and voice-over subtitling services. The cost isn’t really the issue, according to companies who specialize in the service.

Emerging Graphic Design Trends for 2014 and Beyond

What are the latest visual graphic design trends for this decade? Learn the most popular images searches to be aware of the tastes of local and international consumers.

Picture Framing – Just What Your Memorable Photos Need

Beautiful picture frames, be it of a doodle by a youngster or a family heirloom can add oodles to the charm of a good home decor. Is there a family photograph that you are dying to show the world? What about that drawing you made a couple of years ago? Or the awesome picture your 2 year-old kid coloured some time back? Do you often think they deserve a place of pride on your walls or the mantle?

iStock: Pioneers of Online Digital Images

There is simply a minefield of online company’s offering stock photos, but which ones are best to suit your needs? Are you a photographer who wants to upload your own digital images or videos to sell? Or do you simply need to download stock photos for your website?

The Nature Of Art

Our concepts of art are often confused or given to us by experts. But, it is all around us.

Want to Be a Comic Illustrator?

If you go back to your childhood, you’ll probably dig up memories of collecting and reading issues of DC comics, Marvel and probably even the popular Archie comics. If you love to sketch, you must had, at one point, also doodled on papers and drawn the characters of your own comic book.

The Ins and Outs of Being a Children’s Book Illustrator

If you wish to be a children’s book illustrator, you need to possess not just the skills and talent, but also the passion and a genuine interest in children’s stories. Most storybooks are about fanciful stories and animated characters-talking plants and animals, superheroes and aliens, moving objects, fairies and elves. You need to have enough creativity and enthusiasm for bringing such characters into life on paper.

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