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Finding Multiple Streams of Income for the Artist

In order to have multiple streams on income, you must first find your main tributary. Have your found yours or are your streams dislocated?

How To Paint A Portrait

When learning how to paint a picture many artists want to learn how to paint portraits, this is not an easy task without knowing some basic techniques and tips. I will try to enlighten you into what I have learnt in my lifetime career as an artist. I hope this will help you to feel comfortable, and give you the confidence you will need to endeavor this genre.

Bespoke Picture Frames Vs Ready Made Photo Frames

There are a lot of advantages (and very few disadvantages) to having a picture frame tailor made to your specification. The practice of having a frame and mount made to order is usually known as a bespoke picture frame (or ‘made to measure’ frame). The problem with pictures, artwork and photo’s is that they come in all manner of sizes.

What to Consider Before Buying Oil Painting Books

To know more about oil painting and its techniques, one should have an oil painting book. This kind of art book is found everywhere but you have to check if the book includes most of the things that you need to know about oil painting.

How to Frame Your Art

Framing art is often considered an art in itself, but this article will serve as a guide to bring out the “art framing artist” in you. Some practical advice (…and opinions) are included for choosing the correct moulding color and style of frame for your artwork, along with methods and terminology that you should be aware of when you take on your next framing project.

The Art of Richard Serra, Why Are Richard Serra Prints So Rare?

The art of Richard Serra has inspired multiple generations, and caused collectors to see the value of Richard Serra prints and original works. But why exactly is his work so well received?

Different Brush Types and What They Are Used for

Brushes vary by so many things – size, use, tip, spring, surface, medium, etc. When looking at a painting, a person may or may not notice the brushwork. This will depend on how much art knowledge he or she has. However, if a painting is completed with the wrong brushes, it will not look good, and this will definitely be noticed.

Prints on Canvas for Well-Known Pieces of Art

Prints on canvas are usually made use of to recreate some of the famous artist’s work of art. The famous paintings were affordable only for the rich and wealthy few years back. Most of these were either in the museums or in the living room or drawing rooms of rich people.

Select Wall Mural to Decorate Your Yacht

Initially 60 foot yachts were items that could easily be inspired by thousands of people but in the present times these boats are definitely becoming very much popular amongst most sea loving people. You can find boats getting much bigger and so the best option is to try and decorate additional amount of space with beautiful paintings and murals. The boating industry certainly is boosting in the present time and you can expect everything starting from interior decoration to exterior gel coating.

How to Start a Painting

I want to have a chat about how to start a painting. And, a lot of art instructors, a lot of artists make a big deal about starting paintings a particular way because it is going to guide you through the painting process. And although there is some truth to that, I think the bigger, important picture is lost.

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