Three ‘Secret’ Ways to Gain Creative Freedom by Setting Yourself Limits

Creative freedom comes with setting yourself some limits. Does that sound contradictory to you? Well, let me explain what I mean. Because my experience of this powerful ‘secret’ has proven successful, I want to pass it on to other artists who may be floundering in an overwhelming sea of choices…

Art Framing: Why Your Mat Color Matters

The frame is only part of the consideration when displaying your work or that of others. One of the most important factors of art framing is making sure you pick the right color mat for your painting. Here are some things to think about.

How to Paint With Acrylics

Well first of all you are going to have to pick the right kinds of materials such as brushes, paints, stretched canvas etc. Decide what to paint.

The History of Delftware

Delft Pottery is famous for its iconic blue and white pottery and antique delftware has been manufactured since the 16th century. The pottery was given its moniker because of the city where it had been crafted, the city of Delft in the Netherlands.

Collecting Art – A Matter of Perspective

Collecting fine art is all a matter of personal perspective. What appeals to one individual might not necessarily appeal to another. However, there are two prevailing schools of thought when collecting fine art: the first is, you should learn to buy what you love; the second is, you should learn to love what you buy.

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