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Celebrities and Photoshopped Images – How the Stars Look Thinner in Magazines

The combination of celebrities and Photoshopped images was once a secret. It has now become the subject of jokes and guessing games where you name which image is unenhanced by the power of any imaging software and which one is not. If you’d like to look thinner and flawless like actors and models in your own photos, here are some suggestions on how you can do it.

Albrecht Durer and Johann Mommard: Deception or Flattery?

If in fact, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; history does take a very flattering view of an artisan by the name of Johann Mommard. His imitations of Albrecht Durer’s woodcuts from the Small Passion have left history to record these thirty-six copies as nothing more than deception at best.

Paper Watermarks: Archaeology in Art

If archaeology could be applied to art, specifically the documentation of masterworks and fine art on paper, it would be best defined with the discovery of a watermark. Like any fossil, watermarks are not easy to detect or unearth.

Tips for Creating a Poster for Your Outdoor Movie Event

Marketing or advertising for your outdoor movie event is one of the most important tasks you need to complete if you want your event to be successful. Creating a poster for your movie event is one of many simple marketing strategies you can use. Here are some helpful tips for creating a poster for your outdoor movie event.

3 Tips to Design Prominent Sign Boards

Signs are an important part of the overall marketing strategy for many small business owners. Although some businesses use “make your own signs” kits or simply alter the company name on a generic sign template, individualized signage can create the impression of competence and professionalism in marketing efforts. There are a variety of creative and effective ways to market a small business through signage; from color choices and logos to wording and placement.

Convenient and Versatile Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are great at doing their job – informing the public all about your product while firmly affixing themselves to all types of walls. They advertise your business with special decals, large graphics and many times resemble art.

The Truth About Graphic Design

This article looks at what graphic design is and the challenges people face as well as what opportunities it can have in the working world. Designers are the most important workers in a graphic design environment. Even though a lot of people now use computer graphics there is still a need for designers.

Break Up Your Text With Graphic Elements

Your readers will love you for breaking up long blocks of text into manageable chunks of information, and you can make your pages more attractive and interesting in the process. White space, photos, and illustrations are commonly used for this purpose. Other devices that can enhance readability as well as reader interest, understanding and retention, are explored below.

3 Golden Rules of 3D Modeling

Want to be a better 3D artist? Follow these simple guidelines to improve your workflow.

Flash Websites – Why They Are Obsolete

So, you want a fully-animated fancy website… Many people want a fully animated website with fancy effects. The websites you have seen in the past that did that were built on a platform called flash. There can be animated elements to any site, but animating the entire site requires flash. Flash should not be used in your website for a few reasons.

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