How To Draw Phantom Freddy | FNAF Sketch Tutorial (Step by Step)

Photoshop – Doing More With Your Selections

As you work with the selection tools in Photoshop you will begin to discover the options and assistants that make your selection process easier. They make it easier to make your selection, refine your selection, modify your selection, and save it for later use. These extra tools are the perfect step after familiarizing yourself with the manual selection tools to introduce yourself to the greater possibilities provided by Photoshop’s selection tools.

Tips on Grabbing Salvador Dali Museum Discount Coupons

Salvador Dali’s paintings were amongst the most expensive in world. He was one of the richest artists in the world. However, these facts do not imply that Salvador Dali Museum in Tampa FL is an expensive place. Salvador Dali Museum in Tampa offers appreciable discounts, which can be availed through the internet.

Graphic Design Colleges Can Help Anyone Become A Graphic Designer

The field of graphic design is much wider than you may have imagined. Surprisingly, a lot of people think of graphics and design and immediately their minds turn to thoughts of video games and complex coding for websites. The truth is, there are a lot of other avenues open to you, so if you’ve ever wanted to study for a career in this topic, or just wanted to know what it takes to become a graphic designer but felt unsure if you could handle all the requirements, it’s time for you to think again.

Body Painting and Air Brushed Body Design

Let your imagination run free and get your body painted with a wild seductive design. Life can become your fantasy as you get painted by the best Air Brush Artists around. It’s a great way to let go of your inhibitions and live out your fantasy.

The Merits Of Gray

I’m not a graphics designer by trade but I do know my way around an art board and can tell you the differences in working with Bezier curves or pixel base. If you know little about color like me, then you also can’t explain what ‘gray’ would mean if black is the absence of (or absorption of) light, while white is the reflection of the whole color spectrum. These are odd concepts to say the least when working with color levels and mixtures digitally, but what’s even odder to me is the notion of mixing something that is the absence of color with something that is the visualization of all color and ending up with what we call gray. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here. For a long time I just figured that the black and white in paint was something different than the void of space and white light from the sun, but I’ve learned in my graphics dabbling that it all has to do with reflection and that in fact the natural phenomena is indeed the same as what is happening to what we see in the world.

An Artist, An Agitator

In a time when many figurative painters were twisting their brush and style towards calligraphic or nationalistic (rather nationalized) portrait painting, Nagori was agitating with all his colors, concepts and themes! He screamed, and screamed piercingly out of his frames. Among these voices somebody named him as the unreasonable man.

Art Curves

Artists, along with interpreters, used to be seen with awe as if they were somehow magic. With the digital revolution that has all changed of course. But can just anyone sit in front of a computer and punch in something original and beautiful? The answer to that is a qualified ‘no’ but the qualifications behind that are interesting.

So You Want To Be A Graphic Designer?

It certainly isn’t hard to become a graphic designer in this age of digital desktop publishing. In the old days, become a designer required a lot of technical training in analog printing techniques, detailed knowledge of silk screens, a vast knowledge of pigments and their reactions with different materials, and one almost had to become an apprentice to a ‘sensei’ to land a good, solid job. Graphics design has undergone a complete revolution since then of course, and designers can skip most of the rigmaroles of technical press knowledge and focus solely on digital and digital output knowledge. Even better, they can in theory mess up all they like and fix it.

How to Use Top Drawing Techniques to Become an Artist?

Do you dream to become an artist by profession? Art can be of different types and you need to choose the art form which fascinates you the most.

Photoshop – Drawing Freehand Selections

After getting comfortable with the marquee selection tool in Photoshop and the basic options provided, you want a little more flexibility making selections. The lasso tool helps you draw your selections freehand making it much easier to select objects that are made up of multiple shapes.

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