Overview of Jacksons Pollock’s Style of Painting

Jackson Pollock is one hailed American painter in the field of art. Pollock Jackson (1912-56) started studying the art of painting in the year 1929. In this he was the role figure and abstract model of the abstract expression.

Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida – Spanish Painter of Wide Class

The great Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida was born in Valencia on February 27, 1863 to a tradesman Joaquin and his wife Concepcion Bastida. At the tender age of two, Sorolla and his younger sister Concha lost their parents to cholera.

Impressionism in Colour – Generate Atmosphere and Depth With These Impressionist Painting Techniques

The atmosphere and sensual emotion you see in modern impressionist paintings and feel when looking at contemporary impressionist artwork owes itself in large part to the colours used. Since the colours and ‘warmth’ in the painting are generally exaggerated in impressionist art, it’s worth taking a little time to understand how you can use colour to best effect. In this article, I’m going to step you through some of the basics so you’ve already got a foot on the ladder when you start your next impressionist masterpiece.

Leonard Da Vinci – Artist, Painter & GrandMaster Par Excellence

The world knows him as a painter par excellence. His innate sense of detail and his undying quest for knowledge outside his artistic talents enabled him to be a man with a wide gamut of interests – some seemingly interspersed with his gentle nature, others completely in contrast.

Mystical Painter – The Life of Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico, the angelic brother, was born in 1395 and lived a short life of 60 years. Italians call him “Il beato,” the blessed one and this title is fitting because his work is brimming with expressions of religious piety and humility before God, denoting a deep spiritual insight which is seen by many artists as a kind of mysticism in paint.

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