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Contemporary Indian Art

A genuine avant-garde movement in visual art is no longer possible today in the true sense of the term. It happened last time with POP and not any more afterwards.

Best Artists During the 1950s

During the prosperous and peaceful 1950s, there were many artists who had achieved, or were reaching prominence in the art world. This article will outline some of the more prominent. Mark Rothko was one of the more original painters during the era.

How to Paint Snow With Watercolor

Painting winter scenes with watercolor can be an enjoyable experience once you know how. The light shining on pure snow and the shadows, both form and cast shadows, give the painting a sense of depth and clarity. Β There are several ways to achieve a beautiful, snowy landscape.

Painting Flowers – How to Paint White Roses

Flowers seem to naturally lend themselves to watercolor painting. They can be painted in a loose, graceful style or with controlled precision. When painting flowers, choose a style which feels natural to you as you plan your composition.

Finishing Your Canvas Print With Lacquer

Canvas prints are a great way to turn your favorite photos into fantastic works of art. This is mainly because canvas is very durable and can last for several years.

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