How To Draw Mother’s Day Flowers Folding Surprise

Today, we’re learning how to draw a flower folding surprise for Mother’s Day! This lesson also works great for Valentine’s Day!


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Painting Composition Tips

A pleasing composition will have colors and shapes planned in such a way that gives a painting a sense of balance. Subconsciously the viewer picks up on a painting that is not balanced and loses interest.

Imagination and the Development of a New Technique

Using imagination and experimentation to develop a new technique. A suggested way to invent compositions by scratching drawings into semi-wet oil based underpaintings. The inclusion of color and contrast by the application of transparent glazes. Understanding that, with patience and persistence, the development of a new style will evolve over time through the process of trial and error.

How to Make Your Own Snowglobe!

Are you tapped out of holiday decor ideas? Read on to learn how to make inexpensive, DIY snowglobes that will last for seasons!

Finding Real Lath Wood For Lath Art

Finding the wooden strips for lath art isn’t always easy. Here are a few places to look, and why it’s better to use actual lath instead of treated lumber.

Art Reproduction: Important Tips While Choosing Oil Paintings For Your Home

Clutter and distractive artwork can be the worst decision you could make for your home, invoking the wrong atmosphere and impression of that living space. Choosing an art reproduction company which produces high quality artwork paintings will determine how successful your painting choice has been.

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