How To Draw MINECRAFT WITCH | Step By Step Tutorial

iPhone Painting App: Inspired by Jackson Pollock

How Jackson Pollock’s art has influenced the iPhone painting app including information about its creation. Also discusses Miltos Manetas, a contributor to adapting a flash application for the iPhone.

Saint Jerome About 1495 – Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)

Fruitful discordance marks the character and career of Albrecht Durer. The diligent son and pupil of a Nuremberg goldsmith, he jettisoned his father’s craft to rain anew as a painter (continuing, however, to exploit his goldsmith’s skills in the discipline of metal engraving).

Setting Up a New Business in the Arts – Why Choose France?

I am often asked that question. My husband Henry and I have spent countless holidays in France over the last 20 years. Like many, we loved the lifestyle, the culture, learning the language, and of course the wine!

Abstract Art Of Houses – Happy Houses

Houses are are houses. They are also a lot more. They are people, they are families, they are friends, they talk, they show emotions, they hide thoughts, they have memories, they smile, they are happy houses.

Finding Artworks That Suit Your Home

I always find it incredibly intriguing to discuss artworks with other people. I think that one of the wonders that’s involved here is the fact that we all have such differing reactions to individual pieces. This can mean that we also have strong reactions.

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