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How to Oil Paint

Oil painting has been around for centuries but it has been notorious for the time it takes for it to dry. This has stopped many beginners from even trying to paint with oil paints. It’s not for beginners but people need to start somewhere, don’t they?

Eight Reasons to Paint With Acrylics

Acrylic paint is its own medium with its own personality. For the artists that have mastered it, it is an exciting and bold medium, and, without a doubt, it is the most versatile vehicle of creative expression. It is used by both amateur and professional artist alike. However, the beginning painter should approach this medium with an open mind. Find out through experimentation what it will or will not do for them.

Tips for Painting Reflections

Because painting reflections can be very confusing sometimes, there should be a set of rules to follow. To paint them, reflections take a combination of accuracy and looseness, precision, and a certain freedom of artistic energy. However, if painted incorrectly, they can destroy your painting. In other words, it doesn’t take an art critic to spot it when it’s wrong. The following tips should give you what you need to do it correctly.

Gustav Klimt

This article is about the great modern artist, Gustav Klimt. A brief introduction to his life and paintings.

The Art of Documentation With Masterworks

Recently, I was browsing around one of the major reseller websites – well, the major reseller website – in their fine art category, when I happened across two individuals selling two masterworks: one selling “a long lost Van Gogh painting for $13,000,000.00; and, the other selling a Rembrandt painting for $100,000.00. The Van Gogh is a beautiful landscape, painted between 1880-1889.

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