How To Draw Meg | Brawl Stars (Draw + Color)

Postcard Design – At Your Fingertips

Postcards are printed materials that can say a thousand words with its spectacular graphics. Initially it was considered as a convenient alternative to the letter, to share the experience between the recipient and the sender. It is an easier medium for communicating between parties not only through written text but also through graphics.

How to Draw an Anime Face Profile Part 1 (Styles)

If you are trying to impress some people, or draw a certain anime character, it is probably best to avoid initially coming up with your own style. If you are drawing just for the fun of it, or if you want to make it your future occupation, then coming up with your own style is best. Many great artists have come up with their own style of drawing, like the people who draw for Bleach, Inuyasha, Darker than Black, Ladies Versus Butlers, Dragon Ball Z, Durarara, and etc. But yours doesn’t have to be completely different or bizarre; I came up with my own style and intend on sticking with it as my expertise deepens. True expertise comes over time and practice.

Four Reasons Why You Need to See the Arab Games Exhibition

Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) is organizing the Arab Games Exhibition, which will open to the public from October 5th – December 23rd, 2011, at the QMA Gallery in Katara. The exhibit coincides with Arab Games Doha 2011 – the 12th version of the Arab Games, which will be held in Qatar from December 9th – 23rd, 2011.

Elements of Graphic Design

Graphic Design is not just limited on virtual reality. It is also present in printed tangible materials such as billboards and publications. This article will help you understand more about graphic design and its elements.

Convert Photos To Paintings In A Jiffy!

You can convert your favorite photos to paintings. People love paintings that look almost real like a photo. It is a nice form of art. There are different ways to do so. You can use software that converts your beautiful photographs to paintings that are awesome in quality and standard.

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