How To Draw Majin Sonic | Friday Night Funkin (Draw + Color)

Simple Tips to Protect Your Wall Art in an Efficient Manner

Collecting art has been a passion for many and investing a couple of dollars to buy them is not uncommon. Wall paintings, canvas paintings, antique art are to be preserved in a particular fashion to increase its longevity. Spending cash on your passion and then forgetting to take care of the art pieces will only reduce its lifespan.

Sand Casting Door Knockers

Sand casting brass involves melting the metal to a liquid. The molten metal is poured into a sand mold. The sand mold is broken away leaving the metal casting.

The Unique Styles of Pueblo Pottery (Part 2)

In the last article we looked at the styles of most of the Tewa speaking pueblos. There was a large group which shared similar materials and produced a similar type of work but differences demonstrated in each of the separate pueblos. In this part we will be looking at three pueblos each producing distinctly unique work. We will also describe the characteristic pottery styles of the Keres-speaking pueblos.

Provide Inspiration For Your Art Students – 9 Tips

Watching beginning watercolor art students blossom into beautiful artists is a real inspiration. They go along, often struggling, and then one day all their information clicks and their work is beautiful, they are happy they stuck with their painting until they were successful.

Quality Canvas Printing

When you want quality canvas printing items – and when wouldn’t you? – you need to make sure that the printing company can live up to your expectations.

Art Reproduction: Is It As Good As the Original?

Art reproduction in the 21st century is big business. But can an art reproduction ever be as good as the original?

Engraving Art

Engraving as an art form has been with us for most of our history.  Initially hand tools were utilized to cut lines and patterns into a surface area to produce patterns and designs.

Beautifying Small Spaces

For many people, searching for ideas and applications rooms isn’t an ordinary issue. Contrary, we’re looking for ways to stuff all of our things into spaces far too small for all of them. Designing small spaces could be a difficult task, certainly.

The Concept Of Mixed Media

When several mediums are used to combine different, typically specific, visual art media, it’s referred to as mixed media. Numerous artistic media such as ink and pastel or painting and collage are blended in one composition in the process.

The Changes In Using Mixed Media

Mixed media art is really a broad categorical term utilized to encompass various art and craft projects. Works such as sculptures, paintings, collages, 2-D and 3-D assemblages, modified things and book making are a few superb projects to use with mixed media art.

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