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Interesting Facts About Pablo Picasso That You Never Knew!

This article is about some interesting facts of Picasso. Picasso is one of the greatest artist of all time.

How to Paint – Beginner Lesson

Now first decide what you want to paint. Second, get a canvas panel. Third, familiarize yourself with the color wheel as much as possible.

Top 10 Most Famous Artists in History

No two people will agree on the top ten most famous and influential artists, since every person has his or her own view of what type of painting is the most articulate. Every art lover sees each painting in their own way, so that any list is purely subjective.

Painting Plein Air Landscapes in Belleville, Pennsylvania

When I began my art studies, I painted in studio However, a few years ago I discovered a group of plein air painters – people who take their equipment to a park or other outdoor location, set up their easels and proceed to paint part of the scenery. This article is about the fantastic scenery I found at one plein air painters’ workshop.

Art Without Meaning – Is It Worthy of the Name?

They have been used to embellish monumental structures such as pharonic tombs, cathedrals and mosques, palaces and Parliament Houses. Many still exist today, as examples of skilled craftsmanship but they are not Art – they are decoration. The sciences of Archaelogy and Anthropology show us the purpose of Art.

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