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Battle of the Techniques: Raster Vs Vector – Who Wins?

By now even regular clients who use photo-editing services know that there is something called Raster graphics and Vector scaling. But the finesse of the two only the skilled designers will know. How can creativity bring the two diverse techniques in one design is a challenge.

Cultivating Creativity – Part IV

A creative life is grown through process. A common saying is “food for thought” but actually, an artist needs thought for food. Walking, observing, absorbing replenishes our over tapped creative well and gives us material to create.

Cultivation Creativity – Part V

Virginia Woolf wrote of needing “a room of one’s own”. This is a universal need of a creative artist, whether a painter, writer, dancer, or sculptor. Art takes space. An artist needs the space for solitude and for the execution of the work of art. Unfortunately, space is sometimes hard to come by.

Everything You Need To Know About Oil Painting Reproductions

You do not have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate oil paintings. They are a thing of beauty that many people appreciate and would love to have them hanging on their walls either in the office or their home.

Multi Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a nice way of making art works out of your favorite digital images or old photographs. Canvas prints involves printing your chosen picture on to a canvas which will then be mounted or stretched over a frame using stretcher bars or a crossbar.

Selecting a Movie Viewing Projector Rental

There are many movie viewing projector options that are available for the perusal of customers. The Theme scene HD200x from Optoma meets the criteria for many people who are looking for a 1080p visual experience though there might be a few disappointments along the way. It is of utmost importance to pick a movie viewing projector rental that meets all your needs.

Color Harmony Paintings Achieved Through a Split Complimentary Color Scheme

Do you wish you could paint more color harmony paintings? Have you tried using the color wheel to achieve your color harmony paintings? Believe it or not learning to paint color harmony paintings is not as hard as it may seem at first.

Why Choosing the Right Font for Your Work Is Important!

Ever seen somebody use a childish font for an important document or maybe a corporate font for a children’s birthday invite? It’s so easy to appeal to the right audience. Read this article and get it right!

Gecko Carving

I did a carving of a leopard in Leopardskin Jasper back about 1991. In our travels with our gem business, the carving created a bit of a stir wherever we went. Because of it, a lady commissioned me to carve a gecko from Leopardskin Jasper.

Mexican Art at Auction Reaches Beyond State and National Borders to Attract Charitable Donations

Mexican art has been popular in international markets for decades. CORAL, a charity for the hearing impaired based in Oaxaca, south central Mexico, has taken the bold initiative of offering Mexican art at auction both in Mexico City, and in San Francisco, for very good reason.

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