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Tips on Caricature Drawing – Things That You Should Know

If you want to make good money and be loved by people all around you by drawing cartoon face then you must teach yourself how to draw caricatures. It can be very rewarding but it is not very easy to tell the truth. But you should not consider that to be a problem because what that actually means is high entry barrier.

Difference Between Good and Not So Good Cartoon Makers

If you want to draw beautiful cartoons you must know what makes a high-end artist different from a shabby cartoon maker. You can master the art of cartoon making after some serious effort. But if you are not attentive enough to insignificant things like bordering and lettering your work will not be valued highly.

Basics About Cartoon Drawing That Beginners Should Know

I often see beginners of the cartoon art make the same mistake and because of that their journey into the amazing world of cartooning become short lived. The mistake is they try to draw cute cartoon characters at the very outset.

Buying Art At Auction

Art auctions can be extremely daunting, especially if you have never, or infrequently, attended one. But here are some expert tips to help you buy art successfully and at the right price at an art auction.

The Advantages of Buying Original Art

If you are serious about owning great art and looking for something unique that appeals to your emotions and human instincts, then an original work of art has no equal. The satisfaction of owning an individual piece of art created as a dialogue between the artist and viewer is unsurpassable. There is simply no alternative to an original work of art.

Cinema 4D – Global Illumination 12.0

Global Illumination in Cinema 4D is one of the advanced render options that provides Cinema with it’s signature ‘larger than life’ appearance. Using special materials for tile, glass, masonry provide a texture and look that is so life like but your render and render settings produce the final product. Using Global Illumination adds the luster.

Dali, Real or Fake?

Is your art by Salvador Dali real or fake? Here are some quick tips to help you.

Historic Model Ships Bring Elegance To Any Space

Hobbies include a variety of different items for collectors and hobbyists across the globe. There are collections that feature die cast cars, coins, trading cards and historic ship models. Historic model ships can be found all over the internet and at hobby shops.

Tips To Creating Your Own Spot Cartoon Gags

Creating Your Own Spot Cartoon Gags is a fun and rewarding way to make extra money or supplement a career in art or illustration. A budding cartoonist will need a sense of humour but not necessarily a great flair for art.

Cinema 4D – Getting Help

Cinema 4D has many helper tools, a great reference online help but like some of the complexity of the tools presented, you can get a lot more help and find the help you’re looking for if you know some of the tools and shortcuts devoted to the help system. Let’s get some help! The first thing out of the box is the menu help presented on the top tool bar and it is pretty intuitive and obvious.

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