How to Draw Lips from the Side – Very easy drawing tutorial #Shorts

How to Keep All the Great Memories of Our Lives

It is already very innate for us to keep all the great memories of our lives. Our pictures, especially when put on a canvas, represents reminiscing our past for long years. The late great Irish poet Oscar Wilde once said that “life imitates art”.

The Art of Sales

Selling has always been an art throughout the ages. We examine briefly some dos and don’ts, and why some retailers may be more successful than others.

Buying Art Materials for Children

Buying art materials for children can be a tricky task but there is a world of supplies out there. Children love to express themselves in different ways and it is important to encourage such imagination by providing art materials which inspire them to create and develop their artistic talents. Buying appropriate easels and stands is a good place to start because these will allow children to draw and paint on large sheets of paper while standing up, which is preferable for posture and technique.

Wildlife Art and Financial Investment

The fact of owning a piece of art for a financial investment is becoming more attractive every year, and we see some huge financial gains that have been made in this way. This short article examines the possibility and methodology behind making such a decision.

What To Remember When Getting A Dog Portraiture

Interest in English style decorating goes beyond a penchant for floral chintz, blue and white china and gilded picture frames. In addition this created rise of popular dog portraits from the Victorian era among these people.

Use Graphic Design Techniques To Improve Your Business Image

The definition of “graphic design” varies, depending upon who you ask. Graphic design generally refers to the art of integrating text, fonts, colours, and illustrations into a variety of products. While a few decades ago a graphic design company would typically deal with, magazines, and signage, today they will also include website and brochure design to their range of services.

How I Survived Fashion School and Why It Has Been a Lifelong Learning

Everyone talks about what school to choose, if it’s better studying abroad, academy or university. But no one tells you how you will come out (alive) of this experience.

Graphic Design Careers: An Overview

Graphic design careers are any careers in which a person uses graphics to sell a product or make a product or publication look appealing. Graphic designers create commercials, print ads, layouts for periodicals, billboards and the designs and graphics you see on the boxes of pretty much any product you buy.

Cinema 4D – CS Tools – Easy Cam

One of the outstanding Cinema 4D gurus, Chris Schmidt, created a library of routines that have made tasks that would require several step and some programming, into relatively simple plugins that you can install, use right out of the box. Some create and some teach. Fellow Cinema guru Nick Campbell, alias GreyscaleGorilla, provides a simple download of these same tools with easy to follow tutorial introductions.

How To Make A Silicone Mold – Using Household Items

Make a silicone mold entirely from household items. This tutorial is an abridged version of the original tutorial.

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