How to Draw Lips from the Side + Shading

Learn how to draw realistic lips from the side. Step by step and fully narrated tutorial. The first step for drawing lips is to draw a triangle!

In this drawing tutorial, you’ll also learn how to draw an overbite, normal bite, underbite, and other customizations to make your lip drawing more unique. Using this triangle method, you can draw any set of lips from scratch, be it narrow, plump, or average-sized.

Drawing lips can be a lot of fun, especially when the steps are broken down step-by-step in an easy to understand manner.

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– How to Make a Blending Stump:

– Mechanical Pencil:
– 4B Lead:
– HB Pencil:
– Canson Bristol Paper (for super smooth drawings, use the flip side): (A cheaper alternative I use, but isn’t as smooth would be Canson Drawing Paper:
– Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser:
– Mono Hard Eraser:
– Blending Stump (How to make):
– SmudgeGuard Glove:
– Soft Tissue Paper: (a q-tip could work as well, but may be difficult to blend large areas smoothly)

Intro – 0:00
Tools – 0:17
Lip Construction Lines – 0:47
Lip customizations – 5:16
Lip wrinkles – 6:11
How to shade lips (planning) – 7:43
How to shade bottom lip – 8:52
How to shade top lip – 14:23
Reflected light example – 14:51
Shading the surrounding skin – 15:52
Blending skin w/ tissue – 20:23
Blending lips w/ blending stump – 22:07
Touchups / adding highlights – 24:00
Slideshow of the entire lip drawing process – 25:16

Overhead Camcorder for Tutorials (Canon Vixia HF R400):
Overhead Camcorder Mount:
Camera for every other angle (Sony a 5000):
Portrait Lens:
Macro (Closeup) Lens:
Light Bulbs:


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