Famous Abstract Art

A look at some of the most famous abstract artists from the twentieth century. This article chronicles the key players in early abstract art and the abstract expressionism movement and discusses what influenced and motivated them.

The Magnificent Effect Artists Have Had On The World

Throughout history artists have always been asking questions, looking for answers. They have never been satisfied with leaving things alone. It has always compelled them to be creative-to take nothing and make something out of it. They have been creating over and over again all of human’s imaginings.

How to Frame LDS Art When You Are On a Budget

When you walk into bookstores like Deseret Book or Seagull Book, they will have art on display. Usually this artwork is quite expensive, well above $100. What are you actually playing for? The answer is simple, you are paying for the frame. Getting a piece of LDS art framed can be quite expensive. There are a lot of websites that sell LDS but most of the time they sell only framed pieces. The other concern is that when a piece of framed art is shipped it can be damaged quite easily and you will probably have to pay an extra fee for shipping insurance.

Yard Art – Refreshing the Old Stuff

I have started getting the yard and gardens ready for the season. Along with that, it was time to clean out the shed, a dreaded chore to say the least! But as I started clearing things out and getting rid of old stuff, I found a few items that I wanted to freshen up and re-purpose. Suddenly, it wasn’t a dreaded chore, I was actually having fun, and was able to get a little creative! One of the things I found in the shed was an old garden rake, without the handle! Why did I save that?

Self-Portraits – Vincent Van Gogh Did Them in Words As Well As in Paint

Vincent van Gogh did not start painting until in his twenties, although he was drawing from childhood. His career as an artist spanned little more than a decade, during which he produced more than two thousand artworks. These included 37 self-portraits – the same number as the years of his life – make of that what you will.

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