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How To Draw Professional Comics in Illustrator

Learn how to draw professional comics with the industry standard in illustration and design. You won’t need any other program hence, exporting to other programs is not necessary. Ready to draw comics like a pro? Read on.

Metal Plaques Provide Instant Status

Modern or ancient, metal plaques provide instant status. Metal is one of the hardest substances known to mankind. If a message is worth telling, it can stay affixed to a building for a long time to come with a plaque fabricated from metal.

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe was a sensation, and her charisma continues much longer than her life. Though she featured in a million photographs and a thousand portraits, one of the most celebrated works on her continues to be the Andy Warhol series. Colour affects mood, character and appearance, and in no place is that more obvious than these creations.

Marketing a Technical Illustrator Services Online

Self-promotion is one difficult tedious task to do especially if you are just starting. First of all, a technical illustrator needs to create an online portfolio. You need to either make use of free websites and blog sites or buy your own domain and hosting.

What to Do and Avoid in Creating Emblem Designs

The emergence of the Internet has helped a number of individuals particularly businessmen. It has provided an avenue where they can advertise their products or services to a wide range of audience. Moreover, it also allows businesses to expand its scope and market coverage.

What Is the Best Resource for a Technical Illustrator Who Wants to Go Freelance Designer?

You are able to enhance details using certain web based technical illustration tools right from your homes. The other option is to buy the software and start improving your skills by creating more drawings as part of your portfolio.

Embroidery Digitizing And Vector Conversion

Vector art is a process in which the raster images are converted into line art images through the use of vector lines to opposite dots. Some common formats used in vector conversion are .bmp, .gif and .jpg in which small dots are used to create pictures and other images. Vector images are smaller than the Bitmap images and they can be scaled down at any level possible without ruining the resolution. Various print houses require vector files and vector images also allow you to change the color and edit the picture in any way you choose. A vector image is detailed and no resolution is lost in it. In embroidery digitizing the art done manually is converted into computerized form which tells a computerized how to move during the embroidery process.

Green Building – Turning Point in Field of Architectural Industry

Green Building – Two words talk a lot about this particular concept. In this era of global warming and deteriorating environmental conditions, every industry is thinking about various methods of conserving environment. Green building means building which is constructed using principal of conserving environment.

Trompe L’Oeil Decoration (Pronounced: Trump Loy)

Trompe L’Oeil (french: to fool the eye) is an artistic technique creating an illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Often it will consist of architectural features such as pillars, arches or niches, which are realistically painted onto walls. At first glance they seem to be real but are in fact just an illusion.

Types of Illustrations

An illustration is the interpretation in a form of sketch, painting, photograph, computer generated imagery or any other art work, which is created to demonstrate or dictate sensual information from an essay, poem, story or a newspaper article. The concept of illustration goes way back in time when prehistoric cave paintings of ape man and animals were found on the cave walls and ceilings. With the passage of time, illustrations took different forms and techniques.

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