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Improve Your Graphic Design Skills – The Fine Line Between Learning and Copying

Becoming a better graphic designer is something we all strive to do. However, it is something you can’t do completely on your own. Think about it. If you were to design within a vacuum, you would not know what is current, cutting edge or which designs yield results. Your skills would not be relevant to the outside market. In a subjective realm like graphic design, your work must be influenced or informed by other people. Therein lies the problem. How informed is too informed?

Setting Up An Art Gallery

This article discusses ways to set up an art gallery. It discusses the fact that you will need to pick a theme, art, and a place where you can set up the art.

Merry Christmas Cards – History and Trends

Where do Christmas Cards come from and what are the current trends? You can find out about those and more in this article.

The All-Encompassing Modern Art Movement

Modern Art is an all-encompassing classification for art created between the 1860s to the 1970s, and all of the major art movements during that same time period (Impressionism, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Photography as art, Pop Art, Minimalism, etc.) fall under its wide umbrella. Modern art is a rubric is that taught extensively in many creative institutions today, as it enables students some of the widest examples and inspiration of how to express their individual artistic impulses in a variety of applications and means.

Of Depth in Art

Henry Ward Beecher once commented that “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” Beecher undoubtedly has a point with this observation. One only has to look at the later works of Van Gogh and how the nature of his paintings changes as his own mood and mental state changes, in order to see the obviousness of the comment. The contrast between the happiness of the early work in Arles and the much more somber mood of e.g. Wheat Field with Crows, with its crossroads and coloring, speaks volumes.

Paintings for Christmas

Christmas is as ever approaching and with it, numerous worries. What are we doing for Christmas, How will we make this year special, who is going to prepare dinner, is the oven big enough, will there be room for everybody and much more. Ah yes, the season to be jolly is definitely also the season to get busy. Even if all these details are taking care of, one thing comes up every year. What am I going to buy for everybody as their present?

Discover Which Picture Hanging System Best Suits Your Needs

The trend of stylish art hanging is picking up pace in modern times, so if you want to keep up with the Jones’ then you had better keep reading and find out just which picture hanging system best suits your needs but maintains the style and flair of the Jones’. Unfortunately, artwork rarely ever comes with a manual on how to hang it successfully nor does it come with any picture hanging equipment. This part of the process is left entirely open to the individual and is dictated primarily by the size and weight of the artwork you wish…

Got A Collection Of Artwork That You Don’t Know How To Hang?

Walls without decoration add a very empty, clinical feeling to any space. To add personality and warmth to these empty walls we tend to use art work of varying descriptions which appeal to our personal nature. Ultimately, the pieces you choose to display don’t just beautify a space, but give the outsider an inclination as to your personality, tastes and preferences. Your collections communicate meaning about who you are, to the people around you.

Jack Vettriano Prints

Jack Vettriano prints are some of the best art products available to buy online and Jack Vettriano has become one of the best loved Scottish painters of all time. This article discusses why Vettriano prints are so popular and brings to your attention his very best paintings from a long career that continues to impress and expand.

Art Supplies for Everyone!

If you’ve shopped for arts supplies lately, then you know that there is an incredible selection available today. If you’re an experienced artist or a teacher then the wide selection is probably not daunting. But if you’re a hobbyist, a one-time artist, or a mom trying to supply school aged kids, the enormous selection can present a real time consuming challenge.

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