How To Draw GREEN ARROW | Step By Step Tutorial

Aviation Art – An Appraisal

Aviation Art is sometimes frowned upon as an art form. This article explores why its place in history should give it higher standing in the art world.

How To Choose Works Of Art For Private Residences

When browsing through countless artwork online with the aim of choosing a selection to put on display in your own home, you may feel a certain amount of confusion as to which to actually purchase. Trying to decide which would look best in a dominant position in your dining room, brightening your living room walls, and hung in your bedroom is not easy. No matter what type of decor currently dominates your residence, the tips put forth below should help you make a selection that you come to love and cherish.

Peter Max – The Psychedelic Pop Artist

Peter Max artwork is among the most admired art in modern world. This is because people have found inspiration in his paintings as they look for ways and means towards a better world. Peter Max art, the better world, has inspires those of that want to drift off into a peaceful world.

Learn How to Watercolour a Panorama Onto Some Birthday Cards

Watercolour painting is one of the most popular crafts in the UK. This can largely be because of the exquisite effects of depth, consistency and brightness, which can be obtained through soft washes. Watercolour is also appealing as a result of it’s portability – all you need is a paint-box, brushes and a sheet of card. Frequently we discover that artists will apply their watercolour techniques to birthday cards and this commentary offers all the advice required to getting started to painting in watercolour.

Dark Arts and Pictures

Dark images, paintings and pictures are created by human imagination of the dark side. Pictures depicting blood, murder, killing, drugs, and rape show the dark side of human nature. It shows the extent of evil that a human mind can think and a human body can perform. And it makes us relate to human nature more closely.

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