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How To Make Money With Your Free Webcomics

According to a list compiled on Wikipedia, there are at least 40 self-sufficient webcomics that are “known to produce the primary income of their artists and/or writers.” When you take into consideration the fact that there are probably tens-of-thousands of online comics out there, that figure might leave you a little disheartened. But all is not lost if you are an aspiring webcomic cartoonist.

History of Art Deco Style and Studies

As society advances and changes, so does the concept of what art is and isn’t. Through the generations there have been many different era’s of art. Art Deco became popular starting in the 1920’s and continued through the 1930’s only to decline for several years and resurge in the 1960’s.

Calendar Creation Ideas

There are so many options when it comes to creating your own printed calendars. Whether you are creating them for business or personal use, a beautifully designed and printed calendar is sure to please its recipient all year round. Here are a few popular ideas for calendar printing.

Ways To Find an Illustrator

An illustrator is a professionally trained and highly skilled person capable of creating accurate and targeted drawings or illustrations to complement any piece of writing provided in books or journals. If you have finished a book of your dream and wish to publish it soon, without complementing the writing of your book with clear illustrations you cannot acquire the successful exposure that you have dreamt of.

Free Online Comics That Make Money

Dave Kellett, another web cartoonist and author of “How to Make Webcomics,” says cartoonists can develop three streams of revenue on the Internet: advertising on the comic’s free website, book sales and original artwork sales. This article is going to flip the coin over and look back from the perspective of some of the creators that have already achieved financial webcomic success.

Graphic Recording – Bridging the World Of Visual Thinking

Many people see that graphic recording is a useful tool in running conferences and meetings as records are always essential. With an intelligent conceptualization, graphic recording can help improve conferences and meetings. It can also be used to offer graphic illustration for presentation during meetings and conference.

How to Work With a Portrait Painting Artist

It can be a scary and intimidating idea — to work with a portrait artist to create a painting that is beautiful and meaningful to you — but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few tips to make the process of having a custom portrait commissioned be a FUN and REWARDING experience that you will treasure and want to do again!

Illustration Design – Its Efficiency As Medium of Communication

Artists who have the potential in executing digital graphic design are particularly in need. The moment they are hired, the illustration designers maximize their aptitudes to make illustrations which stand for particular ideas.

How Much Do You Know About Modernism Art?

Modernism in art takes on a very broad area, but in general modernism is considered to deal with the implications of industrialization on mankind’s soul. If we think of the advances of the 19th century, railroads and the telegraph, the recording of sound and the transmittal of sound through the telephone, this era spills over into the 20th century with the advances in flight and even flight away from our home planet to other orbs in space. How could this be compared to the struggle for mere existence that folks endured from time immemorial up until 1969, when man walked upon our moon? Art, ever reflective of real life, mimics the stresses and strains, joys and still moments of the artist’s own life, in whatever era he lives in, so it comes as no surprise that modernism in the 21st century displays the world of the mostly-urban, mostly-civilized man. Rural scenes still exist, of course, but they are portrayed in vastly different styles than in previous ages.

The History and Culture of Abstract Art

If you really take the time to research it, you will find out that Abstract Art actually originated with primitive man. His etchings and marks on pottery, cave walls, and rocks were simple geometric and linear patterns that represented something to him. Whether it was telling a story, held a meaning or was meant for design, it was just simple markings. Abstract Art is used widely today, not just in paintings, pictures, drawings and sculptures, but in home decor, jewelry, fashion and architecture. Many new buildings are a based on a combination of geometrical and linear patterns. They don’t build in the basic cube or square design anymore

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