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Rolf is the World’s Most Famous Artist

It may come as surprising news but Rolf Harris is one of the most famous artists in the world. The Australian came top of a 1992 poll which asked 1,000 visitors to the London ArtMart exhibition to name the world’s most famous artist and an amazing 38 per cent of respondents said Rolf Harris. Rolf beat Romantic English painter John Constable who came second with 23 per cent, while fellow Romantic J.

Online Original and Modern Art Gallery

Perhaps as a child, your parents took you to an art gallery as an outing. You were amazed and a little bit awed by the range of the art depicted. So much of it seemed unintelligible to you and the parts that didn’t delighted you, but the experience was overwhelming. As an adult with the option of buying a piece of art yourself, this awe of the artistic world will stand you in good stead. But now, since you reached adulthood, the responsibilities of adulthood are not those of a child.

What Are The Top 20 Animated Cartoons of All Time? What Made Them So Good?

Who said cartoons are for the young? The effects and technology that goes into making a top animated movie are nothing short of brilliant! How can you not appreciate that?

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Pencil

Did you know that what people call the pencil “lead”, is really graphite? This incorrect name originated back in the mid 16th century. A big storm knocked over trees in Borrowdale, England, revealing a large deposit of a black substance that people believed to be lead.

Art Definitions Clarified

Are you confused about the terminology of the art processes? Don’t know what a giclee or a serigraph is? Artist proof versus signed and numbered? If you don’t, you’re not alone. A few pointers can help you determine that you are getting what you want.

7 Reasons Why Vectors Are Better Than Pixels

Do you know that a lot of product drawings you have seen in advertising materials are actually vector drawings instead of photos? Find out why vector graphics is now becoming a favorite tool to many designers.

Learn More About The Massive Beauty Of Rajasthani Paintings and Artwork

A person could fall in love with the gracefulness of Rajasthani paintings. As you sit there and read the beginning of this article, you start to feel excitement and pride as you think about browsing a Rajasthan art gallery. Have you noticed yet that traditional Rajasthani art is a world famous craft that attracts art lovers all across the globe?

All You Need To Know About Paper Bags

New form and new trend move hand in hand. As people understand how dangerous disposable plastic bags could be, options are diligently wanted. The intent of using plastic bags is to carry several things while shopping.

An Insight On Some Modern Tools & Techniques Used In Calligraphy

In the world of visual arts, calligraphy is an integral part. It has slightly changed from its original form since the past but has not lost the charm. The main tool is the pen which is available with different variations. The calligrapher can also make use of brush, felt tip pens to give a fine touch to his writings. Interestingly, this form of art also finds its way into our daily life.

Guides for Mounting Cloth on the Canvas Stretcher

It is a good way to relax and practice your painting skills to paint on the canvas stretcher. This article will provide you the simplest guides for you.

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