How To Draw Gigantamax Venusaur | Pokemon (Draw + Color)

A Brief Biography of Alex Ross

Nelson Alexander (Alex) Ross is a notable American illustrator, plotter and comic book painter. He has worked for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics since the ’90s while also being heavily active creating independent works such as ‘Project Superpowers and Astro City’ both of which focused on the superhero theme. He has gained great respect and notoriety for his realistic anthropomorphic depictions of classic characters.

Art Supplies on a Budget

I am a full-time Textile Mixed Media Artist, living on a tight budget but Living ABUNDANTLY is a practice I embrace everyday. Most of the time, I make do with what I already have. When I do need something, I shop at thrift stores (I am lucky to have 3 FABULOUS ones within 40 minutes of us) quarterly and look for deals online for anything I can not get at those thrift stores.

Making Your Car Custom Decals

Sometimes it is also possible that you will have some trouble in getting inspired for designing the custom decals. In such cases you can go online for customized templates offered by many sign companies. This also makes the process fast and simple. You can pick a custom decals design of your choice and make changes in it to suit your requirements. You can take advantage of this facility today.

Put Your Photos on Canvas!

Put your photos on canvas and witness the remarkable transformation into professional, first rate canvas prints that will bring joy to any observer. You will be shocked at the number of people who will complement the dramatic improvement it will make on your home decor. With unrivalled sentimental value – immortalising the memories that mean so much to you – canvas prints will undoubtedly become a magical family heirloom through their cherished and timeless nature.

Slide, Film, Photo Scanning Resolution: Use This DPI To Get HD Quality Digital Images

Did you know that you do not need to scan your family slides, negatives, and photos at the highest DPI possible to get HD quality images? Come along and I will show you how understanding restitution can help you with your home scanning project.

Art As An Investment

Looking at investment in art, we can see a wide and varied potential. The main reason why stocks and a shares seem to dominate the investment world is largely because this is the area that is widely publicized and and can be seen as a form of calculated gambling. Paintings and their artists need much research, in the same way one would examine the history of a company before making a commitment.

Photoshop Tutorial – How to Create Pearly, White Teeth Using Photoshop?

If you are a Photoshop beginner, one of the first things you will learn during your Photoshop training would be how to create pearly, white teeth using this software. It is not just about changing teeth color, but about creating natural looking white teeth that truly spell a million-dollar smile.

Portrait Drawing Tips

One of the classic and most popular themes in drawing is realistic portraits. A realistic portrait drawing is one of the most difficult exercises in art. Because our eyes are trained on the recognition of faces, we make errors and inconsistencies when portrait drawing. But even if we recognise that something on the drawing is incorrect, it can be very difficult to say where the fault lies.

Drawing Tips and Mindsets

Drawing animals is very popular among people. Despite the popularity, only a select group of people can actually draw. You might call them artists, I see them as anybody.

What Is Vector Artwork?

Are you trying to design a product for your company such as a name badge or business card? Is the vendor you’re ordering from asking you for your artwork in a “vector format”? If you’re not a graphic designer, you might not know exactly what the means. Here is a little information that may help you out.

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