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Paint Masking Tape: The Perfect Solution to Prevent Paint Bleeding

If you want clean edges when painting, paint masking tape is indispensable whether it is a DIY or a large commercial project. Nothing looks worse or more unprofessional than dripping, bleeding paint whether on an automobile or in a house around ceiling trim, baseboards, door frames, and windows. What kind of paint masking tape is best?

The Choices We Face

Do we paint to live… or live to paint? The choices we face as artists can be tough. Do we compromise in what we paint to gain sales & recognition or paint as and what we want?

How to Paint Hair in Watercolor

Painting hair in watercolor calls for imagination and letting your creativity flow. This is the fun of the medium. You will want to give your subject’s hair depth and interest, as well as variations in color.

Framing a Painting – The Best Way to Frame a Watercolor

Framing a watercolor painting has some distinct options to consider. These include the selection of mats, glass, and frame. In this article I have broken this down into easy to understand sections. Let’s start by looking at how to go about choosing the right mats to enhance your painting.

Tommaso Masaccio

Masaccio was an Italian painter who came before the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, helping to lay the foundations within Italian art for them to follow on afterwards and add their own ideas to the art movement of Renaissance which has by then already built up a huge amount of momentum. This article looks into the influential career of Masaccio and places his work within the overall development of the Renaissance artists. There is also discussion on his most important art works, which in the main were frescos.

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