Top Professional Tips For Amateur Oil Painters

Oil Painting is one of the most creatively satisfying hobbies you can do. But to fly into it without a structure or basic understanding of the process can leave you frustrated. Oil paint and products are not cheap so to avoid waste, have a look at the bullet point outline below. Following that are a Top 10 list of tips to ensure that you get your creativity successfully onto the canvas!

Watercolor Painting – Steps to Develop Your Painting Skills

Painting with watercolor is fun but also difficult to master. It’s better to learn the basic skills of water color paintings and then move to the complex ones. With this article we can have a step by step watercolor painting skills.

Far East Painting – Korean Painting – Goryeo Tomb Painting to Contemporary Impasto Style

Korean Painting – The History The history of Korean Painting dates back to the early sketches painted on the Goryeo Dynasty tomb surfaces during the fourth century. However, there are ample proofs for the Korean Painting inception being in 108 CE. Fortunately, a number of Korean artists and painters have contributed towards the preservation of this traditional and beautiful genre of art. However, a lot of innovation has been blended into the Korean Art through modern motifs and themes.

Learn How to Watercolor – Getting Started

Although watercolor can be a difficult art medium to master it has such wonderful qualities that it is worth while taking the effort to learn how to watercolor by studying the basic techniques necessary to help you develop your own art work. The nature of watercolor lends itself to a variety of expression from soft simplistic works to expressive pieces, it is quick to dry and so perfect for small studies and quick experimental sketches to add to your folio, additionally it is such a relaxing painting medium for holiday sketches.

Western Painting – Digital Painting – An Art Style With a Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Digital Painting is a budding Western Art form, involving the use of the traditional styles of painting, including impasto, oils, and watercolor, executed finally through digital tools on a computer. The painting is made on the computer directly by using various brushes and painting effects. However, it is definitely not an exclusively computer ‘generated’ art style. Traditional art styles, such as pastels, watercolors, oils, air brushing, and even charcoal effects can be created using the digital medium.

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