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Selecting a Fixed-Installation Projector For Rental

As the fixed-installation projector will be used by a variety of presenters, the connectivity has to be good. It needs to be able to project images stored in different laptops. Considering all these factors, it is suggested that you rent a suitable projector for some time before making a final decision.

Complete Your Home Decor With An Oil Painting

Oil paintings can add a special touch to any decor and can come in a variety of designs and subjects. These can be a great way showcase your style and personality, they are great ways to collect, display and appreciate your art.

Mounting Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great way to turn your favorite photos into beautiful works of art. You can either do it yourself, if you have all the tools and equipment at home, or have a professional do it for you.

Tips For Graphic Designers to Balance Text and Images

Staying on top of the technological ladder can be dicey for online graphic designers. They have to constantly create blueprints that balance text and images. A client may want both and the designer wants to pull out one or the other. The client then doubts the ability of the designer. Here are some tips designed for professional editors to cope with tricky situations that arise when text and images need to be handled delicately.

Ultrasound Pop Art

We all thought we knew everything about first portraits. These were most commonly taken as soon as the baby was born. But then, some parents and some artists got together with some science and changed that too. Ultrasound pop art was created out of the science of ultrasound, the creativity of artists and the enthusiasm of parents. Here is more about this form of pop art and how it can be used.

Fashion Tumblrs

Tumblr has proven to be a staple in the fashion community. Find out why tumblr works so well for fashion bloggers in this article.

In Love With ‘Love’

Rumi, the celebrated Persian philosopher and poet said, “Listen to the flute (ney), how it tells a tale complaining of separation! Saying, “Ever since I was separated from the reed bed my lament has caused man and woman to moan.” This axiom implies the pathos of real love, the tradition of Ishq (True Love) that encompasses human being in the corporeal world and throws it way beyond the limitation of mortality and transience; thus Ishq is considered, by the mystics, the only way of attaining immortality and fervency.

Concepts Of 3D Article

Modeling is the essential part of 3D. You’ll always need to create geometry for your scenes.

12 Ways to Care for Your Pop Art

Once you have purchased pop art, you can display it anywhere you like at your home or office. Securely stretched on to frames or on any other mediums, pop art usually does not require any special cleaning or care. However, in order to ensure that the piece of art you have purchased lives a long, healthy and happy life, here we provide 12 tips of caring for the piece.

How to Choose a Creative Medium Based on Your Personality

Sometimes if you don’t know where to begin, you never take that first step at all. Choosing an artistic medium based on your personality is a great way to find a creative tool that flows naturally with your style – instead of fighting it. It just may spark you to try something new!

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