How To Draw Funny Ghosts – (Overlapping Activity)

Image Editing – A Guide to Fix Common Problems

It’s rather easy to shoot digital pictures. But then it is difficult to fix common problems that they may have if non-professionals shoot them in a hurry. Only a professional unlike a shot that need not have expertise of a photographer can do image editing.

Giclee Printing Process

The term “giclee” is a French term that literally means a spray or spurt of liquid. It is used to refer to advanced printing technology that involves the reproduction of scanned, high-resolution images using long-lasting inks on canvas, fine art paper, or photo paper. Basically, the giclee printing process results in better colour accuracy as compared to other forms of printing. Giclee canvas prints are growing in demand among professional and individual customers because the technology allows not only the reproduction of artworks and photographs, but their long-term preservation as well.

Create Harmony in Your Painting and Stop the Chaos

Painting with the tremendous amounts of factory produced tube paints can become a nightmare for an artist; especially, when they are attempting to achieve harmony in their paintings. There is a lot less despair If the artist understands and practices mixing their own colors.

Five Portrait Styles to Look Out for This Christmas

Christmas is round the corner, bringing with it the season of happiness, cheer and family reunions. Portraits are often commissioned during this time, as a personal keepsake or as a symbol of family get-togethers. If you too are planning for a family portrait, then here are five interesting pop art styles that you may like to think about.

How Decoupage Project Helps

Decoupage projects using cheap copier paper lying around the office or home is a great way to protect the environment. Copier paper is a fundamental supply in the workplace, as daily operations require copier paper for printout requirements. Given the increasing paper consumption in the UK, there are creative ways to make use of waste copier paper instead of throwing it out in the waste bin. One solution for waste reduction campaigns on landfills is to use printouts which are no longer needed for decoupage projects.

Obtain The Most For Your Money Any Time You Buy Art Online

Anybody who would like to buy art will like to get the greatest appeal for his or her cash; certainly, which is the reality associated with a great purchase the rest of us make irrespective of what the product or service will be. The regular method associated with art sales via a tangible gallery is actually one that individuals have normally recognized, however one that includes a whopping transaction fee on every last purchase reached (frequently inside the realm of fifty percent or more of the total price) by the conventional local galleries and museums. This method seriously does no-one any kind of favors but owners of the museums and galleries, together with the development of the world wide web, it is probably a chance to convert our focus to the chance that we are able to buy art online plus time savings, dollars, not to mention experience the returns of having the fine art realm practically located at our fingertips.

The Dos and Don’ts of Custom Button Design

I have set up a lot of custom buttons over the years, some better designed than others. Over the years I’ve noticed that all of the buttons that have appealed to me the most have a few elements in common. The best designed buttons are simple, bold, and to the point.

Tips to Draw Realistic Portraits

Drawing a Realistic Portrait can be a very hard task for most people when first learning to draw a portrait. Though there are many useful tips and tricks to help not only make your portrait look more realistic but it will also help you use your time more wisely.

Do I Have a Print by a Famous Artist? Is My Print By a Master Engraver?

You have found an old print and you are wondering if you have found a genuine Rembrandt. How can you be sure? Your print says painted by Rembrandt and it sure does look old.

How to Make a Latex Mask for Halloween or Other Event

The first step in creating a latex rubber mask is to create the sculpture first. You should have an armature of a head shape you can make out of a styrofoam head or wire and wrap it in tin foil. For more advanced users or if you want to get into sculpting more you can buy a lifecast armature of a head.

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