Watercolor Lessons – Painting Black and Brown Hair

I love to share what I have discovered on my painting journey. My painting style can best be described as naturalistic realism. Many of my paintings include people in a pensive or thought provoking pose. Part of the feeling of reality is due to the way I use my watercolor. I am able to create paintings where the viewer of the painting can become lost inside the world within the frame.

Painting – See How to Use a Knife Rather Than the Brush

Though when we hear about painting with the help of a knife, it still seems a little strange, but it is an art and many artists use it and are even successful in achieving beautiful designs. It is just that you should have the urge to do it. Painting with the help of a knife is in simple words like applying butter on the bread. The outcome is very different than that of the brush used. They are the most ideally for producing texture in your paintings as well as flatter sweeping areas and also the minute shapes of colours.

Western Painting – Pointillism – History and Examples of Pointillism

Pointillism — The Concept The term ‘Pointillism’ was first coined in the late 1880s. An unparalleled, innovative style of Western Painting, in Pointillism, the legions of tiny colored dots engender the impression of many other colors and their fusion. In effect, numerous colored dots are amalgamated to produce a blended looking image.

Western Painting – Orientalism – Eastern Style the Western Way

Orientalism is a word, derived from the Latin word ‘Orient,’ meaning east. By the end of the eighteenth century, French and British colonies started to come up in various Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Africa, Persia, Iraq, Arabia, Palestine, Turkey, and Lebanon. Many artists and writers traveled to these countries in search of new subjects and stimulation. The paintings inspired by the Eastern and Mediterranean cultures were termed as Orientalist. Orientalist paintings held a mysterious charm for the West and were an instant success in the Western Art world. These paintings were not just beautiful pieces of art, but were also a glimpse for the West, into the exotic lives of the Easterners.

Acrylic Paint Vs Oil Paint – The Pros and Cons of It

Both of the above mentioned paints have some strengths and weaknesses. In the following article, we shall discuss about the pros and cons of both the paints, some techniques work with some medium but not with another. We shall discuss about these and more, so what are you waiting for, just read on…

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