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Acrylic Painting – Add a Special Look and Feel to Your Home and Workplace

The concept of acrylic painting is comparatively new. This style of painting has come into existence in the modern era. Acrylic painting is often compared with oil painting because the end result of both the paintings is the same. Both types of paintings look glossy after the painting is finished.

Stubbs Paintings

George Stubbs paintings are best known for the horses that he captured in Whistlejacket and Mares and Foals in a Landscape, but there was much more to his career than just this. Stubbs rose to fame in 18th century Britain with a passion for art and a successful career that followed. Much of Stubbs’ paintings and drawings are now stored and on display at the Royal Academy in London, but it took time for the Liverpool-born artist to gain fame in his own lifetime.

Painting Techniques – Become an Amazing Artist With the Right Techniques

There are dozens of different types of painting techniques that are used worldwide. Painting has been practiced all around the world for centuries, and as such different techniques have sprouted up all over. There are also different techniques uses depending on whether the painting is being done for artful purposes such as murals or practical purposes such as interior design.

History Painting – A Long Lost Lofty Marvel

The term ‘History Painting’ is derived from the Italian word ‘istoria,’ meaning a story. As the name suggests, History Painting pertains to capturing past and historical events on canvass, wall, or wood. They depict scenes from a narration or a tale from mythology and classical Christian history.

How to Make Watercolor Paintings?

First off, take some time to explore and other watercolor and paintings websites to understand the tools, history, theory and variety of styles and techniques of other artist’s websites. Once you have the basic idea of what’s involved in being a watercolorist, you’re ready to give it a go. You don’t have to know how to draw really well to start to make art.

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